Now You Can Foil ALL THE THINGS on Your Wedding Invites

Minted now offers custom foil for just $75

apw x minted

custom foil wedding invitations from mintedAmethyst Watercolor by Hooray Creative for Minted

When it comes to wedding invites, I am always on the lookout for an easy way to add more sparkle. (I mean, pretty much everyone at APW is all in for shiny things. It’s basically our team color.) And while it may totally seem like a wonderful idea douse your invites in Elmer’s glue and glitter, it turns out that wedding guests don’t typically respond favorably to what happens when they open said invites (there’s a reason that glitter bombs are considered a form of punishment).

custom foil wedding invitations from mintedEFFERVESCENT BY KRISTIE KERN FOR MINTED

Which was why I did a happy dance (that may or may not have been set to “Shiny”) when I found out that Minted is launching a brand new, custom foiling option for their wedding invitations. Because you can now get every last bit of text on your invites foiled. I KNOW.

Join me in some shameless ooooh-ing and the aahhhh-ing:

custom foil wedding invitations from mintedEffervescent by Kristie Kern for Minted 

The cool thing about Minted’s foiling process is that they use a hand-applied technique to add opaque foil details—available in gold, rose gold, or silver foil—and that opaqueness means it stands out both on light and dark paper. (Who’s in the market for a wedding invite that is both moody and shiny? [Raises hand]) It’s also super sparkly, way more than a lot of metallic inks, and the best part is it’s a flat $75 fee to add to any invitation. Which means you can get 100 super shiny invitations for under $350.

So for no other reason than A) we like you and B) the world needs more sparkly things in it, today we’ve pulled together some of our favorite custom foil options from Minted for your viewing (and dancing) pleasure:

custom foil wedding invitations from mintedSimple Agate by Petra Kern for Minted

custom foil wedding invitations from minted Modern Angles by Karidy Walker for Minted 

custom foil wedding invitations from mintedShine by Kampai Designs for Minted 

custom foil wedding invitations from mintedPainted Canvas by Robin Ott for Minted 

custom foil wedding invitations from mintedGilded by Carrie ONeal for Minted 

gilt agate custom foil wedding invitations from minted Gilt Agate by Kaydi Bishop for Minted

custom foil wedding invitations from mintedWild Wreath by Wildfield Paper Co for Minted

custom foil wedding invitations from mintedGold Rush by Annie Clark for Minted 

Overlap custom foil wedding invitations from mintedOverlap by Rebecca Bowen for Minted 

custom foil wedding invitations from mintedModern Dash by Makewells for Minted

striped love custom foil wedding invitations from mintedStriped Love by Carolyn MacLaren for Minted

custom foil wedding invitations from mintedWatercolor Delight by Petra Kern for Minted 

beauty custom foil wedding invitations from mintedBeauty by Lori Wemple for Minted

P.S. Did you know Minted also has a huge selection of day-of decor items like place cards, table numbers, favor tags, and even table linens. You can even create custom art for after the wedding of your vows or a favorite quote in custom foil to bring that shine factor home.

Head over to minted to check out their gorgeous selection of custom foiled invitations and then tell us which one is your favorite.


This post was sponsored by Minted. Minted sources designs from independent artists all across the globe, meaning you get affordable art in your life, and artists can make a living doing what they love. Minted is easily one of our favorite destinations for wedding invites (the designs are just so good, y’all). Click here to find everything from save the dates to invitations, decor, and more. (And then add that shine to it.)

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  • Addieee

    Minted also has great wedsites where you can get your own domain for one time payment of $35… i love all things minted!

    • Kalë

      They also occasionally offer excellent discounts – we pounced on a one-day-only deal where they waived the $35 fee!

  • Kaitlyn

    Omg this is great news. I’m hell bent on having gold foil wedding invites and this is now giving me so many more choices!

  • Ooh, fancy. We’re going to have a go at DIYing foil invites (using a scan of J’s gorgeous copperplate handwriting, a laser printer and a laminator) but when I inevitably end up in a sticky foily mess, I know where I’m going to pay to make it better :)

    • Jane

      Love the realistic expectations there!

      • Rosemarylschilling

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      • This just popped up at the bottom of another post and reminded me that, yes, we’ve paid to make it better and gone with Minted :) Anyone need a laminator or a bunch of foil?

        • Jane

          Self-fulfilling prophecy? Or exceptional self-knowledge?

          My complete DIY fail was a trial run cascading bridal bouquet. Boy, did not that look good. But the professional one was exactly what I’d always hoped it would be.

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  • Josie

    Too bad Minted print their logo on their envelopes WITHOUT it showing up on the preview/proof and they don’t even give you an opportunity to pay to take it off. I ordered my STDs from there and I was not happy at all.

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  • hạnh Luong

    beautiful wedding invition, Thiep Cuoi Dep <3