Making The Most Of Your Photo Budget

With Mixbook, it'll go a long way

One of the questions we always ask couples is the (maybe dreaded)… ‘where did you allocate the most funds?’ For my own wedding, and most of the folks who submit their real weddings to APW, the answer is photography. Wedding budgets look drastically different from event to event… and the reality is that having a professional photographer with you for the entire day (or weekend) ensuring that all your once-in-a-lifetime memories are captured, is… well… pricey. Is it worth it? 100%, absolutely, yes! (in my not-so-humble opinion). What makes it extra worth it? Putting all those amazing wedding (and engagement, and family) photos to great use.

Don’t just house our wedding photos on our phone or Instagram… get them out in the world. Share the photos with your friends and family, beyond their computer screens. How? Easy. Mixbook will help you put your photos to work for you, as all sorts of special gifts (photo books, calendars, wall decor, and more). Plus, if you don’t use your wedding photos for your holiday cards… did you even get married that year? If you’ve paid for the most special photos possible, you darn well better share them.

Photo books as Gifts

As we roll towards the holidays like a steam train (why does it always seem to sneak up on me?), I recently realized that I need to figure out what on earth I’ll be gifting our friends and family… and quick. Well, I don’t need to stress. Our wedding weekend led to a huge amazing stockpile of photos of our family and friends. So, shhh… don’t tell them, but they can all expect photo gifts.

For parents, grandparents, and other folks who intimately helped out with our wedding, or who I know will enjoy them, we’ll be creating photo books. Gone are the old days of your grandma asking for a full set of photo prints in an album… you can just pick your very favorite photos, the ones you know will bring her joy, and put them into a photo book that can live on her coffee table. (I mean, that’s what I’ll be doing). With Mixbook, you have no limit to your options—like photo books from their designer collection (think: Martha Stewart, Alli K, Oh Joy, and so many more). Here are just a few of our favorites.

Black and White Floral Wedding by Alli K Design

Raleigh Floral Wedding by 1canoe2

Timeless Wedding Photo Book

For You

While you’re gift shopping, don’t forget to snag some gifts for you and your new spouse. Nothing is quite as special as touching and seeing your wedding memories in your home each day… I couldn’t wait to get a few of ours printed as soon as our photographer delivered them. Canvas prints for your hallway, photo calendars for your home office, and acrylic art blocks for your bedside table are just a few of our favorites from Mixbook.

Black & White Watercolor Calendar

6″ x 6″ Acrylic Block Block (photo by: Melissa Habegger)

Holiday Cards

Everyone could use a little extra dose of joy this holiday season, so I will definitely be leaning into all those little extras this year. If ‘order holiday cards‘ is on your to-do list and you just feel overwhelmed by just trying to know where to start… let Mixbook make it easy on you. With fully customizable options, many created their huge lineup of creatives and designers, you’re sure to find the perfect holiday card for you.

Married & Bright by Yellow Heart Art

Happy Everything by Ilana Griffo

Winter Wishes by Elizabeth Olwen

Happy Everything by Oh Joy!

Hanukkah Brush Strokes

This post was created in partnership with our friends at Mixbook.  You might remember that we’ve reviewed Mixbook’s photo books in the past… and we just love what they have to offer. Mixbook deeply believes that photos matter, and that every photo tells a story of what matters most to you. Mixbook makes it easy to create, customize, and share beautiful designs at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a way to share your wedding photos (or really any photos), look no further than Mixbook.
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