ModCloth’s New Affordable Wedding Collection Is a Winner

5 Reasons to Get Excited About Affordable Wedding Dresses from ModCloth

by Meg Keene, CEO & Editor-In-Chief

apw x modcloth


Shopping for wedding dresses sucks, when you don’t have a ton to spend. Trust me, I can tell you all about it. The saga of finding my wedding dress is about fourteen pages long, but TL;DR: I didn’t have a ton of cash, I had exacting taste, and that was a bad combo. My sister and I tried to make my wedding dress, and when that didn’t work, I found my vintage dress by pure luck, a few weeks before the wedding. While the situation ended up working out for me (my dress killed, and it was only $250), blind luck isn’t exactly a strategy anyone can depend on. Which means I’m always looking for better options for folks shopping in the $250 range.

Enter: ModCloth. Most of us know a thing or two about ModCloth. They sell stylish clothes at affordable prices. They have a kick-ass community. And their party dresses slay. But even though we’ve featured our share of ModCloth wedding dresses on our site, it’s still not the first place I think of when it comes to buying The Dress. So we were interested when ModCloth reached out to us to give some of their wedding dresses a whirl. (A twirl? Whatever, you get my drift.) Here is what we discovered.


Gilded Grace Dress in Blush ($175)

1. The Prices Are Pretty Much Unbeatable: You know that Groucho Marx quote, “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member”? That’s totally me when it comes to prices. My budget often isn’t enormous, but I am picky as fuck. So even though I might have a $250 budget for a wedding dress, I automatically distrust any wedding dress that costs $250, because the standard is ten times as much. But the joke was on me, you guys. These dresses KILLED.


Mesmerize to the Occasion Dress in Peach ($250)


Glamour and Grace Dress ($129.99)

2. Modcloth Has Inclusive Sizing: ModCloth has made news lately for retiring “plus size” as a separate, but frequently less equal category of fashion and focusing on instead on simply offering expanded sizes wherever they can (particularly in their new namesake label). But just because a company sells things in expanded sizes doesn’t necessarily mean they sell cute things in those sizes, amiright? But we had three very different body types on the shoot—from postpartum to plus to in between—and every single lady on set found dresses they looked drop-dead amazing in.


Be-All East End-All Dress in White ($200),  A Vibe Called Zest Heel ($49.99)


Much Ado About Stunning Dress ($129.99), Mirth, Wind, and Inspire Dress ($124.99), Meadow Minuet Dress ($129.99)

3. You will actually wear their bridesmaid dresses again: In general, bridesmaid dresses suck. We can just say that, right? They’re too expensive, they never fit right, and you can’t wear them anywhere after the wedding, no matter what anyone tells you. None of this is true with ModCloth bridesmaid dresses, possibly because… they’re not actually bridesmaid dresses. They’re just super cool dresses your bridesmaids can afford that come in a huge range of sizes. And I know for a fact they’ll wear the dresses again, because I’m keeping the floral number above for a party I have next month. And after that, I may just wear it to the office, because, summer.


Beyond the Bells Dress in Ivory ($175), A Resplendent Exchange Heel in Cobalt ($49.99)


Mix and Matrimony Dress in White ($275)

4. these dresses are so much better in person: Online shopping can be a little arduous at the best of times, because the clothes are always styled perfectly on a model that doesn’t have your body type. So you have high hopes, and then the outfit comes and it disappoints. Shopping for something as important and expensive as your wedding dress online can be even scarier. But it turns out every single one of the ModCloth wedding dresses looked way better in person than they did online. ModCloth undercharged and over delivered, which I wish were the online shopping rule, not the exception.


A Love Above the Rest Dress in Blush ($175), Sass and You Shall Receive Heel ($34.99)

5. ModCloth Is A Woman-Owned Business With A Great Mission. If you happen to be the kind of person who wants to spend your wedding money in places you feel good about, ModCloth is exactly that. Not only do they have great policies and a great community, they’re also a major women-owned businesses in the Tech space. In Silicon Valley, that’s huge. Susan Gregg Koger co-founded ModCloth in her dorm room in 2002, and in 2016 the company is a huge force, working to democratize fashion. And now ModCloth is working on democratizing wedding dresses… a department that frankly needs all the help it can get.


I Glam Hardly Believe It Blazer in White ($54.99), On Crop of the World in Black ($14.99), Pointe of View Skirt in Latte ($79.99), Dream a Little Gleam of Me Heel ( $138.99)


P.S. Their shoe selection kills. Just saying.


This post was sponsored by ModCloth. ModCloth’s new wedding boutique offers stylish wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, and accessories at prices that you can actually afford. And their commitment to body diversity means that you don’t have to settle for sub-par just because you’re not a sample size. Click here to browse the new collection and experience some of that undercharge/overdeliver magic for yourself.

Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. She has written two best selling wedding books: A Practical Wedding and A Practical Wedding Planner. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit

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  • BeccaC

    Wow those prices for those dresses are great!!! Also that photoshoot must have been a blast, what a cool thing to get to do for work!

    Definitely going to show this to my friend who is planning her wedding; especially for bridesmaid dresses (I am really hoping she will go for a dress I can wear again!).

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    • Meg Keene

      It was awesome, and I’m really grateful it’s my job.

  • Can I just say how darling all these looks are, and how DAMN FINE you all look! I love Modcloth but totally didn’t even think of them for a wedding dress. I’m kind of bitter those blue shoes weren’t available last year cause I totally would have worn them for my wedding.

    • Sosuli

      I want to second how awesome everyone looks and especially highlight Maddie in the Glamor and Grace dress…wow!!!

      • Maddie Eisenhart

        I wanted to live in that dress. It was also SUPER comfy.

        • Maddie, how comfy was the Meadow dress? Need something to wear to a formal, evening wedding.

          • Maddie Eisenhart

            Like an actual nightgown. Super stretchy and soft!

  • Erica G

    Got my wedding shoes from ModCloth and considered some of their dresses, though ultimately went with something else. One thing I think is great is that on most of their stuff you can find actual pictures of women who bought the items, with sizing info and their review. This is so valuable to me as someone who has a hard time online shopping thanks to my wonky size. I like being able to see the dresses on people other than professional models!

    • Eenie

      Rent the runway does this too and it’s so helpful.

    • I like that they give the sizing info on the models too, so if there aren’t reviews you at least have a starting point to work with.

    • emilyg25

      Yes, the pictures of actual people wearing the item are so useful!

      • Lucillecfernandez3

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      • Emily Jackson

        “my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

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    • Yes! As a plus size lady I’m all about reviews and seeing things on real bodies, and Modcloth users are great about that.

  • Love them ALL! I bought my unconventional wedding dress from Modcloth for less than $100. It was robin egg blue and I got it just 4 days before my wedding. Thank goodness it fit! ?

  • Eenie

    So glad to finally see this after the sneak peaks on instagram! You three look lovely. So glad ModCloth is breaking into this market!

  • Keri

    Got my two bridesmaids dresses from Modcloth – teal with white polka dots – and ladies be COMPLAINING they can’t wear them yet. I’ve got my dress but I’ve been scoping out their white party dresses for a rehearsal dinner or shower dress…

  • I read this and realized that the entire outfit I’m wearing is Modcloth, down to the Yoda earrings in my ears. I’m a big Modcloth devotee and was kinda sad I already bought my dress (randomly on Ebay no less) so I couldn’t buy one of their gorgeous dresses.

    Also, Maddie slays in every picture. Just sayin.

    • Lisa

      “Down to the Yoda earrings in my ears.”

      You are my favorite today. Nerdy girls FTW!

      • A few months ago they had these awesome Star Wars stud earrings. Chewy, R2-D2, Yoda, Rebel symbol, C-3PO, and “Star Wars”. I wear at least one set every day.

        bonus: the first set i got had a repeating “star wars” and no C-3PO. One phone call later and I had a replacement set of earrings sent to me and a return package and label sent to me 2 days later. Best customer service ever.

        • Lisa

          My littlest sister has 3PO earrings that she wears on a consistent basis. I’m wondering if they’re from there! She also turned me on to this thing called Fandom of the Month, which looks like a lot of fun.

          ModCloth does have great customer service. I had a really good experience with some returns I made.

    • Maddie Eisenhart


  • Jessica

    I have a big crush on all you cuties now, just FYI.

    I was pretty pissed that, about a month before my wedding, Modcloth put out a few dresses that were exactly what I wanted to wear, but I had already dropped $600 and a lot of emotion into my dress. I’m glad others can find a dress they like and not spend a fortune on it, though. There needs to be a place for those who think along the lines of “it’s one day and one outfit, it doesn’t need to cost a year’s worth of groceries.”

  • Rebekah Jane

    Good Lord, so much beauty in every photo!

    Also, this post might have just inspired me to stalk ModCloth’s shoe section and started a short list of “heels I need for Future Reasons.”

  • Essssss

    Love Modcloth! I got my wedding dress from their collection for about $120 and spend about $60 on alterations making a halter top into regular straps and taking up the hem a little in the front so I didn’t walk on it. My only complaint was the zipper was a little low quality and stuck getting it closed on my wedding day. It was such a pleasant and easy experience. I order three dresses, and sent two back. Never had to go to a dang store. I know that’s fun for some people but for me, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. I’d rather spend a lot of money on the things I’m gonna wear every day and keep the one time dress on the inexpensive side. Despite the price, it had beautiful detailing, with multiple kinds of lace all in cool patterns and I got many, many compliments. I’ve gotten some awesome bridesmaid dresses from them too, things that I’ll wear again or it didn’t break the bank so it doesn’t hurt so much one way or another if I don’t wear again! Glad to hear that ModCloth is woman owned, just another reason to love them!

  • toomanybooks

    I’ve been waiting to see this ever since hearing about the photo shoot in Happy Hour! APW and Modcloth, what a perfect combination. Love that so many places are doing wedding collections now.

  • meleyna

    Nooooo the “Sass” shoes are no longer available!

    Also, can we talk about these florals? Amazing.

  • Lisa

    If I were for some odd reason to start designing wedding dresses those are the one’s I’d design. Also, you all look great. Also, MEG WHAT IS THE LIPSTICK/EYEBROW THING GOING ON ITS FANTASTIC.

    • Meg Keene

      Those are my regular everyday eyebrows so EXTRA thank you. And drug store lipstick I picked up on the fly.

  • HOLY HECK – you girls SLAY!!!!!

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  • Christina H

    I just love my dress from Cathy Telle collection!
    I wanted a timeless/ classy wedding dress, when I came across this website I thought this is too good to be true… these prices!
    I ordered a dress in hopes it would suffice… but, what I got was way more than I could have expected. The dress fits wonderfully! The measurements were perfect! I am very pleased with it, the price and the delivery wait-time! I would recommend this site to any bride on a budget (or not on a budget at all). I am so pleased!