5 Wedding Guest Outfits You Will Absolutely Wear Again

Because no one needs a closet full of outfits collecting dust

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wedding guest outfit from modcloth

No matter how many weddings I go to, how many special occasion dresses I own, when it comes time to pack up for a celebratory weekend, I inevitably declare closet bankruptcy. I’ve made the mistake too many times of buying a dress on a whim before a special event, only to have it sit, unworn, for years after. Which is why I’ve begun to employ two rules when shopping for wedding guest attire:

  • Nothing too expensive. No amount of specialness is worth it if I’m only going to wear it a few times.
  • Versatility is the name of the game. If it can be mixed with different accessories to look like a totally new outfit, I’ve found a winner.

Luckily ModCloth gets full marks for both. In fact, when it comes to special occasion dresses, few online retailers do it as well as they do. Their dress collection is affordable, they prioritize size diversity, and everything is cut in a way that looks good on non-model people. Who wear bras.

But perhaps most importantly, ModCloth sells the kind of dresses that you will actually wear again. Maybe to another wedding. Maybe to work. Maybe just because it’s Thursday. And last month, ModCloth released a brand-new wedding boutique, making it easier than ever to find those dresses (plus affordable wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, which you can see us testing out in person right here). Here are five of my favorites from the new collection that definitely go in the “will wear again” pile:

Click on any of the images below to go straight to the product page:

modcloth wedding guest outfit

Social Soiree Dress in Black ($100), Glitter and Glee Earrings in Fuchsia ($14.99), Magnifique Motif Wedge ($34.99)

modcloth wedding guest outfit

Sweet Team Dress ($100), Chev the Date Earrings ($14.99), Shining Review Sandal ($39.99)

modcloth wedding guest outfit

Slicker Than Your Average Jumpsuit ($54.99), Hex in Line Necklace ($29.99), Talking Picture Flat in Rose Gold ($49.99)

modcloth wedding guest outfit

Awe I Do Is Win Dress ($99.99), Fashion Plaited Necklace ($34.99), Estate Sale Escapade Flat ($34.99)

modcloth wedding guest outfit

Fancy Forecast Dress ($100), Haute of the Rising Sun Earrings ($17.99), Got the Answer Heel in Black ($119.99)


This post was sponsored by ModCloth. ModCloth’s new wedding boutique offers stylish wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, guest attire, shoes, and accessories at prices that you can actually afford. And their commitment to body diversity means that you don’t have to settle for sub-par just because you’re not a sample size. Click here to browse the new collection, including wedding guest attire you will definitely want to repeat wear.

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