Here’s One Way to Stop Stressing About Wedding Photography

Neva Sullivan in DC and beyond checks allll the boxes

Neva Sullivan is one of those super-rare wedding vendors where the more I learned about her the more I was like, “Where have you been all our lives?” And, “Are you actually perfect?” And, “No, seriously, I think you might be.”

Here’s the tl;dr: Neva Sullivan is a DC-area wedding photographer (travel included within 100 miles of Rockville, MD). She is also a diehard APW reader with a background in professional event management and an understanding of the logistical insanity that goes into wedding planning, a total expert at making folx completely relax in front of the camera with an uncanny ability to be equally introverted or extroverted to meet her clients where they are and make them comfortable, as well as a talented AF photographer who isn’t interested in trendy edits that will go out of style in a few years. And you know, the kind of Disney/Harry Potter nerd we really want our friends to be.

But really, what speaks volumes to me about her work, is the open-mouthed grins of sheer joy you see over and over again on the faces of her couples:

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I’m going to let Neva tell you more in her words though, so she can win you over like she did me:

Long before I was a photographer, I was (and still am!) a devoted APW reader. There is truly no safer space on the internet for such a diverse, thoughtful, and respectful community to come together and help one another navigate the often fraught waters of modern wedding-planning and everything that goes along with it. The prospect of serving this particular community through my art fires me up. I am so excited work with APW couples because, to be frank, they kick so much ass.

Hiring me is like hiring your best friend to authentically capture your unique love story. Except this best friend just so happens to have 7 years of event management and business experience on top of being a kick ass photographer. I have a way of making people naturally feel like themselves in front of the camera, I match energy with my clients, and I’m not afraid to make fun of myself to allow them the space to feel safe, silly, and natural. I never rely on wooden posing cues and, instead, make photo sessions feel like an impromptu date with a fun third wheel tagging along who keeps telling you how amazing and gorgeous you are.

I’m all about providing a TOP NOTCH client experience to make my clients feel safe and secure knowing they’ve hired a legitimate professional. Even if things are running behind, if torrential downpour starts out of nowhere, or problems are popping up and throwing off a timeline, I never put that burden on my couples. I make sure to allow them the ability to enjoy their day first and foremost.

I’m meticulous, organized, and typically respond to emails within 2-3 hours, I invest in great gear, I have fantastic business insurance, I pamper clients with gifts, and I never lose touch with them before, during, or after their wedding. I’m an enneagram type 3: I’m ambitious and I thrive on surpassing expectations. 😉I make sure my business is firing on all cylinders so my clients never have to worry about a thing.

In terms of photography, I am not “on trend”. My photos don’t try to be light and airy, dark and moody, or whatever other styles will come and go. My artistic ethos is to deliver high-end, timeless imagery while taking care to respect what each wedding day actually looked and felt like. And my reception photos are awesome. I know a lot of photographers shy away from this because lighting can be tricky, but I’m totally comfortable in all lighting scenarios. Including pitch black in a park with no lights at all! 😉

Neva Sullivan’s collections start at $3,500. All of them include at least 8 hours of wedding coverage, a photographer + assistant team, complimentary engagement shoot, online gallery of high resolution edited images, as well as a print package of at least 50 professional 4×6 prints.

That’s a lot of amazing perks for that price range, you guys. Especially in the DC/VA/MD area! With a photographer that is totally speaking our language.

PLUS! Neva will be offering APW readers a special 5% discount if y’all reach out and let her know you found her here.


  • Iced coffee. Year-round. And craft beer.
  • Staring at your pets while they sleep, because that’s a totally appropriate thing to do.
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding. (Not only is it a photorealistic depiction of Neva’s own giant Armenian family, she can recite the entire movie from start to finish.)
  • Dancer parties to Florence + the Machine (in Neva’s case, while editing).


Neva went out of her way to create a connection with us and she was genuinely invested in our story. Her sense of humor, kindness, and passion shine in every photo she takes. She made us feel like we were creating and sharing something together as a community.

Neva was by far and away one of the best parts of our wedding day. Her talent is undeniable – and her cheerful personality meant that my husband and I never felt awkward while getting our shots taken! She is able to instantly connect with anyone, and our family and friends are so impressed with the quality of her work.

WHAT NOW: Check out  more of Neva Sullivan’s gorgeous work, follow her on IG, then reach out to see if she’s available for your 2020 (only 3 dates left, so don’t snooze!), so you can totally stop stressing—about wedding photography at least.


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