Planning By the Stars: November’s Wedding and Relationships Horoscopes

The Zodiac with Leah

Welcome to month three of Planning By The Stars, our new monthly wedding-, relationship-, and planning-focused horoscope series from supernatural social worker Leah Tioxon (formerly our summer camp witch). Given that we’re a site focused on folx planning large events and in relationships, Leah’s advice focuses on those themes, as she helps you ride the cosmic currents rather than swim upstream. Let’s get into it.

We start this month in a cocoon of sorts, or at least it would be wise to. With Mercury Retrograde in deep and mysterious Scorpio, and the Sun passing through this sign of transformation, as well, we are invited to hide out in our innermost worlds and find some buried treasure or previously undiscovered dreams. Towards the middle of the month, we begin to sing these dreams into form, as the moon waxes full in stable, grounded Taurus, followed by Mercury stationing direct and the Sun moving into ambitiously optimistic and outgoing Sagittarius, getting us out of our imaginations and into impassioned action.

Read on below for how this month’s astrology impacts your specific sign:


March 21–April 19

You are more diplomatic than usual, and this benefits all of your relationships—especially those with greater potential for conflict. Listening to understand (not just to respond) and asking genuine questions will allow you better insight into sore spots and sources of tension that you might have unknowingly glossed over in a more self-oriented time. As the month progresses, reach out to those you don’t often connect with who might have interesting and diverse perspectives to share. A new job, new experience, or even new friendship is on the horizon. Will you have space in your life for what comes to help you grow? Make the necessary accommodations for the life you actually want, so when the blessings or presents arrive they can be enjoyed immediately!


April 20–May 20

Your close relationships are moving into deeper waters, and you are asked to take a greater chance on being vulnerable and authentic. We can’t ask more of our partners without offering the same of ourselves. Which relationships feel unbalanced, and why? It’s time to ask some tough questions and make some new requests. You’ll feel more confident, or at least fed up enough, to open the door on a difficult conversation near the end of November. Stay calm and state your needs—give your loved one a chance to rebalance the relationship and work together to agree on needed boundaries. It’s hard and very adult work, but oh-so-rewarding.


May 21–June 20

It’s a month to have some extra fun, and to squeeze more pleasure out of each day. Spontaneous moments of passion and play are in the cards! Er, stars. A new idea or creative endeavor is begging for your time and attention, and it could very well become a lucrative exploration, either monetarily or in terms of joy quotient. By the end of the month, you are focusing more of your energy on your partnership and getting really serious about how co-creating a life with your loved one(s) makes much more possible than your solo self could achieve. So dream as big as your heartiest laugh and deepest happiness this month, because those dreams can indeed come true—with support!


June 21–July 22

It’s ok to take some extra down time this month. As we head into darker days and the potential (ok, basically guaranteed) stress of holiday season, it’s best to go forth already fortified by deep rest and ample solo time, much like carb-loading before a marathon. So rest up! The end of the month brings a can-do attitude that helps you roll up your sleeves and tackle the tasks you (very much needed to) put off in the weeks prior. Take on one to-do item at a time: our emotions are more easily triggered this month, even as our energy gets a boost, and emotional labor is for real work as most of us finally recognize these days. Pace yourself.


July 23–August 22

You are asked to transform your idea of home this month. Are you creating a sanctuary that supports your deepest desires? Do you feel loved and accepted exactly as you are? Seek support when doubts and insecurities invade your thoughts. Spend time with people who cheer on your light and don’t shy away from your dark. Remember that the people you invite into your life are there at your discretion—don’t be afraid to uninvite anyone who cannot respect your requests. Enlist the help of others if it’s hard setting firm boundaries. As we move into December, open the door to true delight. Enthusiastic and inspired, you can harness this new boost of energy to tie up loose ends and grant yourself some extra time to enjoy life’s pleasures.


August 23–September 22

We aren’t here to do life alone, or even just in partnership. Community—and communication—matters, and this is a month to reflect on your role in the bigger picture. Your family, your circle of friends, your neighborhood, and any communities of faith or shared causes and creation all are asking you to bring more of yourself to the table. You matter. You are needed. You have influence. Reflect on ways to improve or get support around communication challenges. It’s important that you feel heard, and it’s equally important to communicate your needs and boundaries in ways that help others feel valued. As the month winds down, prepare to feel confident and fired up! Invest that energy in reviewing your budget and writing clear, joint agreements with your partner and/or family members as to how your shared resources will be used.


September 23–October 22

You are feeling more assertive than usual, with Mars in your sign until the 19th of November. Use that energy to address something in your life that feels unjust or imbalanced. It might be uncomfortable, but it’s time to right the scales. Where have you been giving too much of your time, energy, or resources? Pull back. It’s a month for some intense soul-searching and thoughtful reflection. In the second half of the month, seek support from your partner and loved ones in taking a bold step towards a long-held dream or vision for your life. It’s ok to surprise yourself, just make sure you honor what feels like a YES deep down in your bones. Save your energy for what truly lights you up—don’t let the hard parts of life take it all: ration your energy like the precious resource it is! There must be time for rest, for play, and for more of what you love.

Scorpio on a backdrop of the universe


October 23–November 21

It’s budget review time! It might even be time for a complete overhaul of your budget. Be honest about your spending and get clear on your goals. Are you and your partner on the same page? Talk about spending habits—the good and the bad. Find kind ways to hold each other accountable. You might end up surprised by what you can accomplish together! Find new ways to nourish your closest relationships as we head into the latter half of the month. Get creative with the ways you can connect and stay in touch: video chats, snail mail, sharing funny pictures. Keep the lines of communication open and see how a little bit of investment can go a long way in nurturing your relationships.

Sagittarious on a backdrop of the universe


November 22–December 21

Keep it as carefree as possible this month, but do make sure you stay on top of the to-do list. It’s a month to bring more heart and soul into your day-to-day. Feel more, love more, take care of you more all while doing just a little less. Check in with your partner and see how you can each support the other in deeper ways. Make time and space for conscious, caring communication and offer allowance for any and all feelings that arise. It’s not a month to push, it’s a month to gently flow. Towards the end of the month, you’ll feel an extra zing to connect and share with others and to put your best foot forward. As the sun moves through your sign, Sag, it’s an excellent time to celebrate yourself!

Capricorn on a backdrop of the night sky


December 22–January 19

Meaningful connections and inspiring causes are lifting your spirits this month. It’s time to re-evaluate where your time and energy is going—are you investing in experiences that nourish you, or are you caught up in social circles and activities that drain your energy? It’s a month to reflect on what being your best self means to you… and what it requires. Do you and your partner agree on the division of time for joint and solo adventures? Check in with each other about upcoming holiday plans: make sure you’re on the same page and still getting your needs met in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

Aquarius on a backdrop of the universe


January 20–February 18

Face the music, dance to the music, or both? This is a month of both—or, of how to have fun whilst facing the music. There might be a significant miscommunication that leaves you feeling unfairly judged… navigating how you respond (and tend to your bruised heart and ego in the process) is an opportunity for some mega-growth, of the “that was hard but I’m glad I stuck through it” variety. Ahhh, adulthood! As the month draws to a close, acknowledge your maturity and cut loose with good friends—you deserve a break, and you are overdue for some extra fun. Get ready for December by making your holiday wish list and planning a sweet, special time with your partner.

Pisces on a backdrop of the northern lights


February 19–March 20

It’s a month to deal with some suppressed anger that is bubbling to the surface. Can you allow yourself to feel what’s coming up without needing to explain it away? It’s a bit of an emotional workout as you give yourself space to explore the more complex and uncomfortable emotions being triggered. Know that you can seek support from a trusted confidante, or better yet, a skilled therapist if you feel yourself getting stuck, overwhelmed, or shutting down. Opening the heart can be scary, and you have a right to feel as safe as possible while taking the risk to be more vulnerable. Your partnerships and your career will benefit greatly from your ability to take responsibility and seek sufficient support for your mental and emotional health. End the month with some well-deserved recognition for your hard work and your great(ly improved) people skills.

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