October 2021 Wedding Planning Open Thread

The messy in-between

Hey Friends,

We’re back. And… if I’m being honest… it feels like we’re just living in this messy in-between. Wedding planning can feel like one big messy in-between in normal times. You’ve got work and normal life, but your mind is 98.67% wedding thoughts and plans and checklists. And in this season of life it’s even messier. Are things getting better or worse? Are we about to round the corner, or about to fall into a pit? Are new variants coming, or are we on our last wave? Is it safe for vaccinated people to get together, or are we risking breakthrough infections? What about people we love who refuse to get vaccinated? The list of unanswerable questions goes on and on.

I personally have friends who just canceled their rescheduled reception with no plans to re-reschedule, and my heart is broken for them. The news has reports of weddings being put on hold again in Hawaii, an unvaccinated bride who devastatingly didn’t make it to her wedding day—and yet also reports promising news about vaccine boosters and doses for kids. This is the messiest in-between.

So, as usual, I’m just here to ask you how you are doing? Like… really. No need to put on a strong facade for us. We are your people, we get it (like, really), and we are totally here for you. This is your ‘complaining break‘, your chance to vent, your space to hash out concerns or ask for advice. It’s also a safe space to share your wins… did you get married, decide to elope, joyously choose to postpone… celebrate here. This is your open thread, do with it what you will.

All my best,

Friendly reminder to be kind and gentle with one another. The world is full of plenty of difficulties, let’s be supportive of one another here. 

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