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Want to Know How to Find Amazing Unique Wedding Venues?

From backyards to urban lofts and everything in between, Peerspace has got you covered

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If you’re planning a wedding, then you already know what a pain in the ass it is to search for wedding venues. Because a venue is one of the few wedding-related things that is

  1. not optional. You can’t get married nowhere unless your wedding is an exercise in existentialism.
  2. really hard to compromise on. Unless cutting the guest list or doubling your budget is your idea of fun.

And that goes double if you’ve got your sights set on a non-traditional venue. Triple if your guest list is huge. Because you know it’s out there, you just have to suffer at the mercy of an endless Google search and lots of rejection to find it. And that’s where Peerspace comes in. Think of Peerspace as the Airbnb of venues. And I’m not talking about the easy-to-find one-and-done Google search results venues. I’m talking the super cute, hidden gem in the big city, actually affordable venue of your dreams.

Here’s where Peerspace and Airbnb are the same: you log into your account, search for venues in your area, and make reservations all through the Peerspace platform. And like Airbnb, Peerspace encourages customer reviews and lots of photos so you know exactly what to expect in each space. Here’s where they differ: the hosts on Peerspace actually want you to use their space for an event. Which applies to basically no Airbnb host ever.


Peerspace also goes above and beyond to make sure that your booking process is simple and transparent. They vet every single host on their platform to make sure that they are being transparent and that you never have to deal with price discrimination. Peerspace currently has venues available in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Austin, with big plans for expansion. We actually had a chance to work with them ourselves on our recent ModCloth photo shoot (because finding affordable locations in San Francisco isn’t a pain just for weddings) and the process was as streamlined as I could have ever hoped for. Here’s how it works:

  • You can use the interactive map to search within a specific neighborhood, or broaden your horizons to a whole region.
  • Narrow your search down by venue type, number of guests, and price per hour. Peerspace venues run the gamut from tiny intimate venues to massive raw spaces that can fit five hundred or more people.
  • When you click on each listing, Peerspace will tell you the maximum number of attendees the venue can hold and if there’s a minimum number of hours you need to book.
  • Enter your dates and begin the booking process. You can also always message the host first to ask any questions.
  • Peerspace makes it easy to pay online once your booking has been approved (particularly useful if you’re paying by credit or debit card, or if someone else is footing the venue bill).

Once you’ve confirmed your event, Peerspace even has a concierge team available that can help you with any catering, furniture rentals, A/V rentals, or event staffing needs that might arise. And Peerspace isn’t just here for your wedding. You can find event spaces of every size for things like showers, engagement parties, or even that work event that you signed up to plan alongside your wedding (whoops). Here are just a few examples of the kinds of venues you can find with Peerspace:


Contemporary Art Gallery Exhibition Space in Central Los Angeles, CA ($300/hour


Brewery in Industrial Chic Warehouse in San Francisco, CA ($300/hour)


Luxurious Private Estate in Palo Alto, CA ($300/hour)


Midtown Modern Event Space in the Garment District of New York, NY ($325/hour)


Whimsically Hip Open Space in the Heart of East Austin, TX ($250/hour)

So if you’re tired of trying to hunt down that diamond in the rough venue, head over to Peerspace where it’s already waiting for you.


This post was sponsored by Peerspace. Peerspace takes the frustration out of the venue search, by giving you direct access to all the unique venues you could never find before. Peerspace vets every host, making the booking process easy and transparent. They can even help with secure rentals and staffing for your event. Click here to find your perfect wedding venue today.

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