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Growing up, my house was one of those houses with family photos on every wall. In fact, we had a wall that went up our stairs that we adoringly called ‘the wall of shame’ because it was an always evolving, forever growing, and frankly over-crowded shrine to me and my brother (other family was mixed in there, but mostly it was us). As if that wasn’t enough, my mom was also of the late nineties moms that went headfirst into scrapbooking—like extra bookshelves in each room to house the quickly multiplying stash, and a garage converted to a bursting-at-the-seams sticker haven.  As a kid, it sometimes felt a little bit embarrassing to have so many photos of me around the house. As an adult (and after losing my parents), I feel very differently. Now, I live by one strict rule…

Take the photos. Print the photos. Enjoy the darn photos.

I know. You’ve heard it before. Yet, here you (probably) sit with a handful of family photo sessions from the last few years saved in your email, your iPhone camera roll bursting at the seams, and your wedding photos just aching to find a home off-screen. Sure, maybe you’ve shared them on Instagram and emailed your favorites to your grandma. And that’s nice, but it’s not the same. Files get corrupted, digital photos get lost… and besides, don’t you want to see them in your house?

Do you recall that brilliant feeling of picking up a roll of printed film from the photo lab? That’s the feeling. That’s what we’re seeking. So if you’re looking for the right way to get your photos into the world and your home, something your family and friends can enjoy, and without a whole lot of trouble… Printique is the answer. From wall art, to stunning photo gifts, to the wedding album of your dreams… Printique has it all.

What Is Printique?

Printique is a photo printing lab based in Brooklyn, New York. They’ve been in business for over 20 years, as a sub-company of Adorama—a well-known photography and tech equipment company created for professionals. Printique is their photo printing arm, created for professionals, but available to the rest of us. As in… yes, we can all visit their website and order ourselves top-of-the-line products, just like the pros do, for reasonable prices.

Do you remember when the ability to start ordering photo prints online began? I sure do. In fact, some of the photos in those scrapbooks (which all live in my house, now), are from those early days. And y’all… the quality was not peak. (I mean, to be fair, our cameras weren’t as great yet either). Well, those days are no more. Not all printing companies are created equal, but with Printique, you’ll get quality that matches what your professional photographer would order for you—even if you just took the pictures on your phone, last week at the park. Those memories matter.

What Makes Printique Unique?

In their own words, Printique is a team of perfectionists. Their product quality, customer services staff, print lab professionals… all perfectionists. Isn’t that what we all want in the photo products we’re ordering? I know that if I’m going to spend the money on a photo book as a gift, a wall canvas for my hallway (or ‘wall of shame,’ if you will 😉), or a completely custom wedding album that will be a family pride and joy forevermore… perfection is what I’m looking for.

Let me tell you about a little something called The Printique Promise. Because the folks at Printique are so committed to perfection, they guarantee it.  So, if any part of your order doesn’t meet your standards, you just contact their amazing customer service team and they promise to make it right. Not only is their quality and customer service top-notch, but their production time is fast—I’m talking a few days fast (check out more info about their turnaround time, here).

Why You Should Get Your Wedding Album From Printique?

Now that I’ve broken down a bunch of the things that make Printique one of the best in the biz, we just have to talk wedding albums. I mean, weddings are what we do—and wedding albums are what Printique does best.

They have professional photo books and premium photo albums. The photo books feature thinner pages and more options for covers, while the albums feature thick pages… they both have lay flat, seamless printing (so you don’t lose your niece to the binding of the book in that cute family photo), and stellar quality. You can’t lose—check out this video for more on the differences. Plus, Printique uses a traditional method of printing called silver halide—images are infused into the paper for crisper details and more vibrant colors. This is a much higher quality and longer-lasting approach than digital printing, where the image “sits” on top of the paper. I promise when you see the books in real life, you’ll be able to feel that quality in the way your images come to life.

Never made an album of your own before? Not a problem. They offer build your own albums, or if you need help, they have several modern and classic themed wedding page layouts for drag and drop design. Printique’s online software is super intuitive and easy to use. So easy, that I tested it by uploading a folder of photos and it placed them right into the layout for me. It will even warn you if there are any issues that won’t end up perfect, and they have so many minimal and beautiful design options that you don’t have to know any specific design skills—seriously.

Other Printique Favorites

Stunning wedding photo albums aren’t the only product you can get with professional quality results from Printique. In fact, they have so many other products that are too good to pass up. Think acrylic, wood, and canvas prints, plus wall art, gifts, cards, calendars, puzzles, and more. I, for one, and excited to try out their acrylic blocks—what a perfect gift. So, if you’re my family and you’re reading this, get ready for wedding photo gifts this holiday season—don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This post is sponsored by Printique. Printique has been a go-to source for highest-quality printing, preserving, and transforming photographs for more than 20 years.
The best part? Printique is offering APW readers 15% off their first order! Just create an account on their homepage and you’ll get an email. That’s not all… FREE SHIPPING when you order $100 or more.
This is an amazing opportunity to order a top-notch wedding album at a discount. Use Printique’s intuitive software to create a stunning family heirloom.
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