The APW Book, Spreading The Word, And Happiest of Holidays

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Writing a book was full of surprises. Like, for one, I felt reasonably good at it (who knew?). Or, for two, I didn’t have a single meltdown during the process (not what I was expecting, to say the least). But I was much more scared about promoting a book and sending it out into the world. The day before APW Book Buy Day I said, “It’s hard for me to let go, and know that I’ve done everything I can do, and that I have to entrust this to your hands, and just let it fly, but here we are.” So the really surprising part about book promotion has been that so far, is that it’s been wonderful (stressful, tiring, emotional, scary, and wonderful).

One of the first surprises for me, was that when people got their books, they started sending me pictures on Twitter. First it was one picture, then two, then an avalanche. And when I mentioned this to APW Editor Kate, she said I had to make a montage of pictures, to keep. So, with APW Editor Maddie’s help, we did. And the picture at the top center? The one that has my heart? That’s one of the first readers of APW ever, and the first wedding graduates ever, with the book and her daughter. That research paper yesterday on how you guys stick around to create this community? You really do.

And now, I’ve been surprised again. As you guys are starting to read the book, I’m getting more and more thank you emails, which is completely unexpected and mindblowingly awesome. I love you guys.

So before we dive into proper book promotion (the book officially comes out on January 1!) I have a few holiday requests of you guys:

  • If you read the book and liked it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. Elissa R. Photo’s review is currently among the nicest things anyone’s ever said about my work. Plus, you’ll do an extra holiday good deed! My grandmother is closely watching all the Amazon reviews, so you have the chance to totally make her day.
  • Ask for your local bookstore to stock the book, and tell them why you like it. The next hurdle as a first time author is getting the book onto shelves where beleaguered brides and grooms will actually see it, pick it up, and then run holding it like a football under their arm, to the register (or that’s how I imagine it).

I’d be super grateful.

And finally: New York City, save the date for a book talk and after party in Park Slope on the afternoon and evening of Saturday January 28. More details to come, but it will be good. Excellent, even.

And with that, I’ll see you all on Tuesday January 3, well rested, and ready to do this thing. (Though, you might stop back now and then over the holidays. With a book out there, you never know when some interesting press mention or book tour date might come down the pipe. If it does, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, I’ll be napping with some eggnog within easy reach.)

All the love in the world, ladies. And peaceful, restful, holidays.


Photos (clockwise from top left): @LisaRicePhoto,  Nicole, @PracticalAlyssa, @MEdgemont, @KoruWedding, @KalinKadink, @SmartyMagee, @ElissaRPhoto, @LoweHouse

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  • Sarah B.

    All this talk about the APW as a community this week has really made me want to stop and say hello. I’ve always been hesitant to actively participate in the community because I’m not planning a wedding, but hey, you guys have supported me in my relationship and I don’t need to be engaged for that to be true. Thanks for letting me be a part of all of this anyway. I just moved to NY and am looking forward to meeting everyone on the 28th!

    • Jessica

      See you on Jan 28th!

    • As someone who is actively pre-engaged, do it! It’s awesome!

      • yay Sarah! Looking forward to meeting you at the NYC party!

    • meg

      UPDATE: 2pm on January 28th :)

  • And to you, Meg.

  • Ooh, I’ll be visiting NY on the 28th! Makes up for having to miss the Boston one.

    And I’ve said it before, but thanks so much for all you do, Meg. I only found APW in the run-up to my wedding, and I’m so glad to have found a community that cares and that sticks around.

  • I can’t wait to get my book! Looking forward to a book reading in Los Angeles (hopefully!). Happy holidays, Meg and all of Team Practical.

  • Chronically Ill Bride

    Eek, APW book talk and after party in my neighborhood? It doesn’t get better than this. Happy Hanukkah to me!! (and you, Meg!)

  • Kat

    My copy of the book arrived yesterday and I read it all last night (and totally agree that I’m a bit pissy that it wasn’t around when I got married). Now I can’t wait to send it to an engaged friend so she can soak up its wisdom. Thank you Meg and congratulations!

    • Kat

      Also the FAQ page still says the APW book is not out yet :)

      • meg

        It’s not! Comes out January 1 :) Y’all have early copies….

  • Caroline

    Enjoy the break! I gave my copy away to a coworker today who is slowly becoming a convert to APW and getting hitched in April…she sent me back an hour later after lunch saying that she only read the into so far, but she loved it.

    Of course I loved it, but that’s preachin’ to the choir. Reviews to follow!

  • Elle T.

    On Chapter 3 and already may have convinced my fiance that a day wedding where we can pub crawl with friends later and have more time to give them individual attention (plus invite some we won’t have space for at the actual wedding) is a good idea. You, Meg, are amazing. But probably my favorite thing that APW has put into words for me is this: “you won’t remember how your wedding looked, you’ll remember how it felt.” Because that is what I want to matter. I want a fun day to celebrate our love with people we care about. And, let’s be honest, I want a great party dress, but at the end of the day, what I really want, is to be married to the man of my dreams and start our lives together. Thank you! and Happy Holidays!

  • Happy Holidays to Meg, APW staff & APW community!!!!

  • Josephine

    I got my copy today, I live in the UK. It actually got posted after the Christmas presents I ordered from the UK, which aren’t here yet.

  • sarahj

    Any plans for the book to be available on GoogleBooks? I already have my hard copy (HOORAY!) but would like one for my Nook. :)
    Happy Holidays!!!

  • Beth

    yay my review finally is up!

    Important note: you can’t mention any external websites and you can’t swear or Amazon will remove your review…

    • Rachel

      Who else would like to read Beth’s original *uncut edition* review?

    • Class of 1980

      WHAT? I just did my review and I put the APW web site address in the middle of it. Surely they are not going to take that out?

  • Aw, thanks for the sweet shout-out! I’m thrilled to be one of APW’s longest-running cheerleaders, promoters, and addicted readers. Someday I’ll tell Evelyn about how her photo appeared on your blog when she was just 8 months old :-) Maybe she’ll be a member of Team Practical when we’re all Practical Grannies.

    Thinking about whether I can swing a roadtrip from Upstate NY to the City for your book talk and party…. or whether the Upstate contingent can convince you to take a little side trip while you’re on the East Coast!


  • Jillian

    Review added!

  • MadGastronomer

    My copy just got here today! So excited to read it!

  • I am so happy and excited. I am now Up to chapter 4, and will review the book as soon as I can and write love letters . My sister is going to be so happy too. She is a nurse and has 2 jobs so has not really been planning (my mom has) but now that she has more time she will definitely need this. Specially the parts about preparing for the marriage, her and future hubs are going to move to a big city and for her it is the first time living outside home, and it is a lot of big changes, so she is nervous.
    Happy holidays Meg + David, , Kate, Maddie, Alyssa and Emily.
    And thanks again for all the effort behind bringing APW to life every day.

  • jessie

    Heading to Amazon to write my review today! (Note: I am the same Jessie who wrote yesterday that I was saving the book for my holiday read. Yep. Read the whole thing last night, cover to cover. Not even joking).

    I will save my gushing for the Amazon page, since everyone here knows the book is awesome. I *do* want to say, however, that I have marked several sections of this book as potential readings for my upcoming wedding, because you so beautifully capture what I don’t personally have the words to say about what the wedding day is, and what it isn’t, all in the same glorious moment. So thank you, and tell your grandmother I said you’re awesome.

  • You so should make a of all the pictures! Or a DIY montage of all of them for your wall/office. You deserve it! :)

  • Class of 1980

    The only reason I haven’t reviewed the book yet, is because I’m kind of speechless after reading it … which is all kinds of unusual. ;)

  • My husband thinks it’s weird for me to continue to read this blog because, well… I’m now married. BUT, I’m still getting the book.

    Wishing APW happy holidays and looking forward to an even awesome-er 2012!

  • It looks good!!!:)

  • Congratulations for APW amazing 2011 and all my wishes for an even more amazing 2012! I got married one year ago, I don’t live in the USA and English is not my mother tongue, but… I’m staying!

    I asked Santa for a Kindle and it looks like I’m gonna get it for real, so guess which is going to be the first kindle book I’ll buy? Yeah, of course! (the printed one is not available through, otherwise I’d definitely get the “real” book)

  • YAY!!! I’ll look it up next time I’m at work, and ask them to order some. I work at a Barnes & Noble in Austin and every time I see a lady or couple buying wedding related magazines and books I tell them they have to check out APW. I can see the relief in their eyes when I tell them how great the website and community is. I tell them my own wedding went so much better because of APW. And if we have the book in store I can tell them to get that too!

  • Happy Holidays to all the APWers!

  • happy holidays you lovelies! I just got my book yesterday and plan to tear through it over the weekend. there will be a review, fo sho, I may hold it till January so the action on the listing is more spread out (not because I’m behind on all kinds of things, definitely not).

    love the photo montage, but obviously maggie moo is my favorite!! oh my goodness. may have to get brady to try to compete with that…

    • hahaha i thought the same thing— way to go, maggie!

  • Ashley

    I’m so sad! I ordered 2 copies of the book on amazon and they were stolen after being delivered to my door! Argh! Now I suppose I am waiting until it comes out “officially” to buy a real copy from a bricks and mortar store.

  • Gloria

    I’ve totally fallen in love with your site since I stumbled upon it over a month ago. And guess what happened last nite! I got engaged!!!!! Engaged to the most wonderful boy I could have possibly ever dreamed of. I am on cloud 9, and will obviously be buying your book the next time I’m near a bookstore. Yay!! ::cue squeals of glee::

  • Gini

    Review done!

    I love love the book. It has helped keep me sane and it will be passed down to generations to come. So much wisdom! Thank you so much for writing this book!

  • Moe

    I’m one of the pre-engaged and I was so relieved, refreshed, excited to discover that there was an entire of community of women who shared my thoughts on weddings, relationships, and repulsed by the over commercialization of weddings. I’m excited to get my hands on your book!!

  • Alli

    I had the book shipped to my parents’ house since I was there over the holidays. I read it, my mom read it, and my fiance read it–all over those few days. SO good and super useful in structuring wedding planning conversations. It’s fantastic! Go order it now!

  • Molly

    I also work and Barnes and Noble and have told many customers about the website. We don’t have the book yet ( I checked today) but I hope we will! Congratulations!

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  • Hi, Meg!
    I have ordered APW ‘cos I was trying to make a decision to become or not to become a wedding planner. I thought this book will help me to figure out if entering a wedding school is a good idea. It has nothing to do with it :)
    But as my bf proposed to me… I have to say APW is outstanding because of its “what really matters” emphasize.
    I really love it!

    Anastacia, Kyiv, Ukraine

    P.S.: I paid $20 for it. As my salary is $125 per week, I am really glad! the book is GOOD :)