Wind For Your Sails

Tomorrow morning, I’m lucky enough to get to host another kindhearted giveaway to a member of Team Practical that needs a little extra spring in their step, some extra wind in their sails. But before I do, I wanted to tell you about a tiny miracle.

When Amy gave away her beautiful traditional wedding dress, both she and I had a very strong feeling that the dress should go to Chris. We were not sure why, but we went with our gut. Chris was over-the-moon excited – it was the dress she’d always dreamed of, and now she could afford it. But here is where the miracle comes – she sent Amy her address so she could mail the dress, and turned out they lived just a few miles away from each other. A few miles. So they handed off the dress in person and ended up talking for two and a half hours. They send their love, collectively, to you.

In times like these, the fact that kindness brings tiny miracles? That is enough for me.

XO, Team Practical, XO

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