Announcing APW Changes!

A month ago, I finished writing my book. And, as long time readers know, I…um…live in a state of constant motion. So, any sane person would have taken a break and taken some naps, but not I. Noooo…I was so excited to be working full time on the blog and only the blog for the first time ever that I spent the month trying to make every change to the site that I’d wanted to make in the last three years.

I know y’all. Overkill. But today I’m pretty excited to finally announce all those changes.

The Sidebar

For a while now I’ve been trying to figure out a way to highlight past posts that I particularly love, without having a big header that flashes information at you (After my hatred of auto-play music on websites, my #2 hatred is things that flash at me while I’m trying to read). So after lots of pondering, we came up with our new sidebar:

Pretty, right? It highlights stuff we think is extra awesome, like The Great Wedding Dress Hack, The Wedding in 73 Seconds, At Home Weddings, and even My Wedding (which I realized had become buried in the archives). Also, it’s pretty.

The About Section

APW has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year, and one little about page wasn’t covering it anymore. So! We now have a general About page, with the story of how I started APW, my bio, and a sum up of the philosophy of the site (with lots of links). We’ve also got a staff page and a really shiny press page. But better than all that is probably our (in classic APW style) long rambling FAQ page.

Assistant Editor Lauren says that FAQ pages are one of her favorite things on blogs because she thinks they are hidden gems, so I did my best to honor her FAQ love. It includes answers to questions you might have wondered about, along with chatter about stuff you never thought to ask. You should go read it now.

Submission & Contact Forms

In the past six months, we’ve totally out grown our old catch-as-catch-can submission process. A month or so ago, when Lauren told me that she was getting about 150 emails a day across the various email accounts she was monitoring for APW, I knew something had to change. So we’re really excited by our fancy new forms. You can use the contact form just to drop us a line. You can read a detailed outline of how APW submissions work here, you can submit wedding grads and vintage weddings here, and you can submit lots of other kinds of posts here.

Now, when you submit something, it will immediately go to the right person, and contain all the information we need. We’ll sleep more, your submissions will look shinier on the blog, and SHINY WEB FORMS, YAY!

That’s It…For Now. ..

So go, poke around. We might have one or two more surprises up our sleeves, but we can’t really spill all our secrets at once, can we? That would be no fun at all.


Meg , The APW Team, and the amazing Super Runaway

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