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APW Happy Hour

Shhh, sleepy staff ahead.

Hey APW,

This week marks the first time I’ve been able to work in-person with Meg and Maddie, which just goes to show you how cool it is to be living here in the future. Between staff meetings, panels, and mass amounts of inspiration (and fun), it’s been a whirlwind end to the week at Alt, and you’d better believe that we’ll be coming back home ready to rock this year’s socks off. But first, probably a nap. While we’re away, here’s your open thread, so hop on it!



Highlights of APW This Week

Change is difficult, even when it brings a new beginning.

The making of our Irish-Serbian, Palm Springs wedding.

What to do when people offer you sperm at dinner parties.

Eleven creative wedding budgets, from $2K to $30K.

What you need to know about decorating with flagging tape.

Should I cover my tattoos for my wedding?

Married in a wedding jumpsuit at SF City Hall.

Link Roundup

“I am not a mother, but I can have an opinion on parenting.”

The 2015 Oscar nominations lack diversity in a year when films did not.

What it’s like to date your dad.

It’s one thing to date your father but there is no excuse for not knowing the difference between the Tudors and the Hapsburgs.

Cry warning: Damage.

Thirty-one rolls of undeveloped film from a soldier in WWII discovered and processed.

Can this app prevent pregnancy?

All single use bathrooms in Austin, Texas are now gender neutral.

A man spent sixteen years turning an old plantation into a memorial to honor the enslaved.

Some flower porn for your weekend.

Portrait of a crazy cat person from an 1872 New York Times editorial.

Lagusta Yearwood, the punk chocolatier.

Ring versus garbage disposal.

Woman pays $164K a year to live on a cruise ship.

Target is launching a plus size line that might be fantastic.

Serial alibi comes forward with major evidence.

Spotlight shines on civil rights icon Amelia Boynton Robinson.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg wears fishnet gloves, and continues to be cooler than you will ever be.

To fall out of love, do this.

Dear Prudence, I want a bridesman in my wedding party.

Tips for getting pregnant.

Treehouse wedding!

Meet the radical Brownies.

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