53 Stunningly Unexpected Bohemian Brides

Kicking stereotypes to the curb

Groom playfully bites at brides bouquet as she laughsLet’s get real about “bohemian wedding inspiration”: when I’m browsing through images online, and looking at wedding images in particular, I think, “Damn, I might be able to pull that off.” But the problem is it’s hard to find women that reflect what I look like in images across the web because I’m not the typical size, shape, or skin color presented in American media. Which means, if I’m trying to figure out if I can pull off say, the aforementioned boho look, I’m doing a LOT of extrapolating, and a nearly impossible amount of imagining.

Which brings us to the bohemian wedding bridal look. It’s all over Pinterest, and it’s super cute… but if you’re not an elven-looking blond lady (no offense to the elven among us), it can be a little tricky to figure out how it will look on your actual body. Good? Awful? Literally who knows.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t see people who look like you that you can use as a reference point. How am I supposed to show a family member or friend who doesn’t get what the boho vibe is all about if there aren’t any bohemian wedding images that look like I could pull them off? Sure, I can always try and explain, but it isn’t always that easy. Which is a long way of saying that representation is everything.

So today we wanted to round up the boho bride look for every body. Can you wear the beautiful, flowy, backless dress even if you have big boobs? Yes, you can. (Okay, well, maybe if you can find a semi-backless look that allows for good bra support, but you know what I mean.) Can you wear that lush flower crown you’ve been dreaming of if you have short, curly hair instead of long flowing locks? Of course. In fact, it may look even radder than all of those flower crown images you’ve already seen everywhere.

You think you don’t fit the image of the typical bohemian bride? Think again. Anyone can make a bohemian wedding work for them. We’ve rounded up a slew of not-so-average boho brides who kick the bohemian wedding stereotypes to the curb and show you how they truly made it their own.

Bride holds a massive bouquet as she is enveloped in smokePhoto by Evangeline Lane

a married couple of women stand next to a giant joshua tree as the sun sets behind themPlanning, Concept, and Design by Burlap & Rose; Photo by Amy Gray Photography

a black woman glances down at her bouquet during bohemian weddingPhoto via Asiyami Gold

A bride looks off to her right with her husbands arm around her waist while he stares lovingly at herPhoto by Andria Lo via A Practical Wedding

a wedding couple casually lounges on a couch at the side of a country roadPhoto by Genevieve Renee via A Practical Wedding

a bride looks elegant with her flower crown and bouquetPhoto by Gabby for Emily Wren Photography via A Practical Wedding

a bride holds her bouquet in one hand while looking to her left, as her flower girl clings to her Photo by Marble Rye Photography via A Practical Wedding

a bride looks thoughtful as she stands at the beach while wearing a flower crownPhoto by Christie Pham Photography via Style Me Pretty

A wedding couple huddles together and turns to the camera for a quick photoPhoto by Nirav Patel via A Practical Wedding

Photo by Marble and Rye Photography

A bride wearing a dark pastel pink dress stands with her groom in a forest with giant towering paper flowersPhoto by Helena and Laurent via A Practical Wedding

A bride stands on a beach, pensively looking at her bouquet.Photo by Megan Saul Photography

A bride wearing a dress reminiscent of medieval times, stands on a hillside with sunbeams behind herPhoto by Andria Lo via A Practical Wedding

a beautiful bride looks off to the left, standing proud and confident as her hair flows in the windPhoto via Noiva de Botas 

A bride stands in the middle of a dirt road, arms outstretched as the wind blows at the fringe on her dress Photo by Evangeline Lane

A raven haired bride stands thoughtfully with her eyes closed, wearing a flower crown that perfectly matches the her maroon wedding dressPhoto by Vivian Chen

A candid moment captured while the bride smiles at the camera and the groom gives the thumbs up Photo by Our Love Is Loud via A Practical Wedding

A fabulous bride stands at a gate opening and beams happiness Photo by Jenny Jimenez via A Practical Wedding

a bride sits on the back of a couch while looking off in the distance just before she lifts up the vintage binoculars to her eyesPhoto by Anne Robert Wedding Photography

a bride stands on a hillside with trees overhead while the sun glows behind herPhoto by Evangeline Lane

a bride looks off towards the distance while her flower crown blows gently in the windPhoto via Weddingomania

a bride looks mischievously back as she leans at a windows' edgePhoto, hair, and makeup by Angela Tam

a wedding couple embraces in a doorway with foreheads touching as the sun bathes them in an orange glowPhoto by Wild Whim Design + Photography via A Practical Wedding

As the rain comes down in New York, a couple huddles under an umbrella and steals a sweet kiss Photo by David Lai via A Practical Wedding

On a grass covered hillside, a couple laughs and smiles as they lovingly embracePhoto by Rad + In Love via A Practical Wedding

a bride sits casually on a log and looks back over her shoulder and smiles at the cameraPhoto by En Route Photography via Belle and Chic

standing in a field of wild flowers the bride stands beside her groom and rests her head on his shoulderPhoto by Evangeline Lane

A bride stands confidently at her ceremony location and looks at the cameraPhoto by Photopher Photography via Folie à Deux Events 

a bride and groom make their recession holding hands with the biggest smiles you've ever seenPhoto by Emily Chiavelli Photography via A Practical Wedding

a bride sits in a claw foot tub while sipping from a green glass bottle and looking out at the city skylinePhoto by Linda Abbott Photography via A Practical Wedding

A bridal party stands lined up and laughing while wearing green leafy crowns and giant leafy bouquetsPhoto by David Lai via A Practical Wedding

an elegant bride looks off the right as she holds her bouquetPhoto by Scott Clark Photo via Green Wedding Shoes

a bride kneels down and lovingly embraces one of the flower girlsPhoto by Helena and Laurent via A Practical Wedding

a bride confidently looks to her left at the base of stairs as the sun shimmers down golden lightPhoto by Holly Kringer Photography via Junebug Weddings

a bride looks back over her shoulder as she stands among the ancient joshua treesPhoto by Jamie from Rad + In Love via Bridal Instinct

a beautiful bride looks at the camera wearing a flower crown full of white flowers and the jungle mountains behind her in the distancePhoto by Holladay Weddings

a bride confidently looks at the camera as she lightly touches her hand to her dressPhoto by Laura Gordon Photography via Wedding Sparrow

standing next to a baby cow behind a fence, a bride looks off into the distancePhoto via Vivian Chen

a bride stands in the middle of a dirt road in the mountains with the setting sun bathing her in beautiful orange lightPhoto via Le Pattys

a bride stands amongst boulders as she looks downward towards her bouquet of flowersPhoto by Evangeline Lane

a beautiful bride looks at the camera and smiles while wearing a flower crown and holding her bouquetPhoto by Liberty Pearl Photography via Nu Bride

A bride stands in the middle of a long dirt driveway while wearing a flower crown as the sun glimmers through the treesPhoto by Amber Shader Photography via Muna Luchi Bridal

a bride smiles as she looks down and wears a leafy crownPhoto by Keeper Creative via Nouba

a bride wearing a slinky wedding dress holds a white rose in her mouth mimicking smoking a cigarettePhoto by Frances Tulk-Hart via Elle

a bride walks through a forrest carrying her wedding dress train in her left hand Photo via Brilliant Bride

a bride smiles as she walks carrying her dress train and flower bouquetPhoto by Atlas Photo Co via A Practical Wedding

a bride stands beside a horse as the mist rolls inPhoto by Hot Metal Studio via Muna Luchi Bridal

a bride looks off in the distance at her husbandPhoto by Diana Ascarrunz Photography

holding her pastel flower bouquet - a bride looks confidently at the cameraPhoto by O’Malley Photographers via Bajan Wed

a bride smiles wide, caught mid laughPhoto by Sarah Gormley Photography

a bride stands elegantly in a doorway holding her bouquetPhoto by Four Corners Photography

a short haired bride stands in a wooded back yardPhoto by Jonas Seaman

Are you planning to wear a Boho style on your wedding day? What are you plotting, and what is your inspiration? For those of you that rocked it, share pictures. TL;DR: Tell us about your flower crowns!


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