18 Free Handwriting Fonts for Your DIY Wedding Invitations

It's like you handwrote things, but better

One of the easiest ways to give your DIY wedding invitations a little personality is in the selection of fonts. Scripty fonts for formal invites. Sleek ones for modern invites. But what about when you want something a little more informal? Handwriting fonts are a fun (and necessary) addition to the font canon. Why do I like them so much? Because my handwriting has deteriorated to such a point that writing out something—like a wedding invite—would be thoroughly embarrassing. Handwriting fonts are how I can get that “personal” touch… without personally touching a pen. Of course, much like real-life handwriting, not all handwriting fonts are created equal.

18 Free Handwriting Fonts for Your DIY Wedding Invitations

So, to save you from trudging through endless pages, we’ve roundup up eighteen of our favorite free handwriting fonts right here, and tried to include something for everyone: you’ve got a few loopy-but-not-too-loopy fonts, your ever-trendy skinny fonts, and one or two that are juuuust the right amount of messy: 


Event Shark Free Font Download


Morado Nib Free Font Download


DK Wayang Free Font Downloadnotera

Notera Free Font Download


Luna Free Font Download


Jenna Sue Free Font Download


Prester John Free Font Download


Arcane Ultra Condensed Free Font Download


Miuscript Free Font Download


Signerica Free Font Download


Belta Free Font Download


Xtreem Free Font Download


Nella Sue Free Font Download


Ylee MHIM Free Font Download


Mugnuts Free Font Download


Moon Flower Free Font Download


Biloxi Script Free Font Download


Wedding Chardonnay Free Font Download

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  • idkmybffjill

    Anyone handwrite their own invites? I think I might but also, am I nuts?

    • Kara Davies

      How many are you sending out? Have you done a test run to see how it looks handwritten? Are you sure you want to risk your sanity? ;)

      • idkmybffjill

        Ha, I know! It’s largely that we have 16 months until the wedding, and we’ve done so much of the big stuff that I want something to do with my hands!

    • Sarah

      There are apps that let you make your own handwriting into a font, or, what we did was to hand write one perfectly, then scan and high-quality print the rest from that master. My mom hand wrote hers 40+ years ago and says she can’t recommend it – and they only invited about 50 people. That said, start early, do a few each day, buy 10% extra for mistakes, keep the text brief, and maybe it’s not too much?

      • idkmybffjill

        Ooh! I love the idea of apps. And oh hi, duh re: the printing – that would make it really easy! Then I could spend my time getting the perfect “one” and not have to worry about getting perfect 110.

      • Kayjayoh

        Scanning a good version and making high-quality prints is a brilliant and reasonable way to do that.

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  • Ashley Chase

    Once I have downloaded them, where do they go? I downloaded and hit install but now I can’t find the fonts.

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  • Ken

    Some amazing fonts!

  • Sherly Chatelain

    Awesome. They are very personal. Would you like to design your wedding invitation in different way? Have you ever considered to make them with animation? Here has one wedding invitations online template for you. Love it. http://bit.ly/1QAXcAc

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  • silvia

    pefecta seleccion! gracias desde Buenos Aires – Argentina