Now You Can Get Fitted for a Tux in Mere Seconds

Without even leaving the house

men in gentux suits sitting on a couch with drinksThe wedding industry is… a little obsessed with wedding dresses, amiright? Which means that when you’re planning your wedding, you read miles of text about dresses: lace versus poly, short versus long, white versus colored, sleeves versus strapless. And then the suit is just thrown in at the end as an afterthought. Often an ill-fitting afterthought.

We’ve all seen what THAT suit looks like, right? ūüĎܬ†That‚Äôs because if the person is swimming in it or completely stuffed in, it’s definitely not hot. If someone in your wedding is planning on renting a suit or tux from a store, the chances of it being ill fitting are high. Fit typically isn’t the store’s priority, because they’re trying to accommodate the masses. But because everyone should feel badass on their wedding day (not just folks in the¬†dresses), how do we combat the awful fit nightmare and get that ish locked down?

ANSWER: Generation Tux, and their fit algorithm eTailor.

man modeling a gentux suit

Our friends at Gentux¬†are known for totally revamping the way folks rent suits and tuxes. If you’re not familiar, Generation Tux is an online rental service¬†that delivers killer suits and tuxes right to your door. Here’s why we love them so much:

  • Suits and tuxes start at $129 (or $189¬†for a complete outfit including shirt, shoes, and tie).
  • Their styles are modern, and made with the¬†highest quality materials. All shirts are breathable, 100% cotton, and suits¬†and tuxes are made from high quality fabrics you would find in retail stores.
  • Gentux also knows styles are constantly updating, so they just launched a whole new line of suits, tuxes, and shirts. They’ve even got a handy tool that lets you shop by color!
  • You can skip the standard trip to the store and build your¬†look (with instant, clear¬†pricing!) using the¬†Gentux Studio.
  • If you’re not sure what to pick, their stylists can even¬†help you find the perfect look for your wedding.¬†Plus, they‚Äôll even coordinate your wedding party so you don‚Äôt have to. Say goodbye to nagging¬†that¬†friend!

bride and groom standing together outside

So when Gentux¬†told us they’d made the rental process even EASIER by overhauling the dreaded measurement process, we were totally on-board. Now with¬†eTailor, you can completely ditch the measuring tape and still get a well-fitted suit or tux.¬†Yeah, you read that right: no. measuring. tape. And, you can literally get fit¬†and have your order placed in under five minutes, anywhere, anytime. We tried it ourselves, and it really is¬†as simple as answering a few questions. So go tell the¬†busiest, jet-setting member of your wedding party there’s no longer any¬†excuse for not getting fitted on time.

knowledge is power

Gentux is built on over forty years in the industry from their founder, George Zimmer. If anyone knows suits, it’s this guy. Between his previous business ventures and current high-tech endeavors, Gentux and zTailors, Zimmer and his team knew¬†how much room there was¬†for human error in the measuring process. And since rentals are primarily for super important events, decreasing fit issues is a HUGE deal. Gentux¬†complied millions of data points collected from previous¬†customers to create a seamless, customer-friendly process. What they came up with is nothing short of genius. So let’s see how this new magic works!

easy as 1-2-3

Once you’ve set up your free account, Gentux’s eTailor¬†fit algorithm will walk you through a series of questions to determine your fit. First, enter standard measurements you know like height, weight, shoe size, and jean size. Then add age and body type, plus the fit you prefer, modern or slim. Last, Gentux asks for any other info you want to share¬†about your fit. Do you like a little more room in the shoulders or perhaps a super fitted look overall? Just jot that down, and you’re all set to pick out your suit or tux!

man modeling a gentux suit

but wait, there’s more!

While many folks can be hesitant about an entirely online rental experience, Generation Tux has a ton of great features to help with that.

  • Grooms get awesome perks like¬†free at-home try on before the event and a free rental when you have six or more members¬†in your party. Don’t forget ring bearers, ushers, and dads!
  • Plus, their size selection can’t be beat. They’ve got suits and tuxes in multiple fits and sizes ranging from toddler to big and tall. And¬†suits and tuxes come with¬†FlexFit‚ÄĒinvisible flexibility in neck and waistband so it’s sure to fit perfectly.¬†
  • Your rental will arrive approximately fourteen days before the event, unlike most brick-and-mortar stores where you’ll get your outfit one to two days before the event. So you can rest assured everything will be on time, and if something isn’t quite right, their customer service team will sort it out ASAP.
  • Plus no¬†need to rush it back the day after. You’ve got a full three days and a handy pre-paid shipping box to get it¬†sent back.

Ditch the ill-fitting rental nightmares of the past and get your whole wedding party looking hot AF in just a few clicks!

Gentux is offering apw readers 20% off any tux or suit rental with code APW2017* so get started today!

This post was sponsored by Gentux. Gentux offers modern, stylish suit and tux rentals starting at just $129 for a suit or tuxedo rental, or $189 for the whole outfit including shirt, shoes, and accessories. Gentux will even help style and coordinate your wedding party so you don’t have to. Plus, grooms get a free suit rental** with any wedding party of six or more people. Click here to register your event and get started today!

*APW2017 20% discount cannot be applied to rush fees, taxes, or alterations. Discount offer may not be combined with other offers or be redeemed for cash or credit. Promo code must be entered at checkout.  Offer valid for rental items only. Discount expires 04.06.2018 at 11:59PM EST. 

**Free Suit Rental discount can only be applied as part of a minimum purchase of $129. Promo code must be entered at checkout. Valid for one-time use only. Any unused amounts of the discount are forfeited. 

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