Holiday Gift Guide #7: For Your Fabulous Aunt or Best Friend Who Has The Same Taste

Or another trendy, stylish lady in your life

This gift guide is really for two women with the same taste: your fabulous aunt and your best friend. She has a story about dancing all night at a club or a really good recipe for sangria. Or both. She loves old movies, and she considers Downton Abbey lifespo. It is impossible to scandalize her. Whatever you pick from this list, make sure that you make the wrapping paper look as good as what’s inside, because you know she’ll notice.

Based on the long-running (in blog terms, anyway) feature Anne Helen Peterson wrote for the Hairpin, Scandals of Classic Hollywood is full of dish the dish your crazy aunt craves, including stories about Judy Garland, Montgomery Clift, and Bogie and Bacall. ($12)

The Love is Art Kit is a DIY abstract expressionist painting kit for couples. Let your best friend put the “DOING IT” in do-it-yourself. ($60)

Immortalize her pithiest thought with a Permanent Tweet. Or give her a piece of engraved blackmail. Whatever. ($20 and up)

A set of Cord Tacos—in gold, naturally—keeps headphones and charging cables organized in that giant hobo bag she refuses to give up. ($28 for a set of 3)

Let your aunt take the soy out of her skinny latte and put it on her body with Public Radio Tattoos. Made from non-toxic soy ink in the USA, this temporary body art lets her show her support for programs like This American Life and Fresh Air. ($14 for a set of 8)

Lollyphile lollipops have all the nostalgia of childhood candy but they come in sophisticated flavors like maple bacon, passion fruit, horchata, and chai tea. The deadline for Christmas orders is December 17th, and 20% of the month’s profits will be donated to the Ferguson Public Library. ($10 for 4)

I’m a Grown-Ass Lady And I Do What I Want. On a tote. Enough said. ($20)

The Gurgling Fish Pitcher is exactly what it sounds like: a fish pitcher that gurgles when your aunt tops off someone’s glass of orange juice at brunch. ($40)

Speaking of brunch, Lillie’s Q in Chicago is known for their tangy, spicy Bloody Mary Mix, which they ship all over the country. ($18)

And why not something to pour it into, like these highball glasses from Kate Spade. One for you, one for her. ($49.99)

WordBilly crafts woodcut decor like this chic Oh La La Sign, which comes in fifteen different colors and would look adorable hanging next to your aunt’s collection of costume jewelry and hats. ($76)

The Downton Abbey Estate Tea Blend probably tastes good, but it’s mostly just an excuse for a Maggie Smith quoteoff. ($11.99)

P.S. More gifts for the recent Divorcée, for tech-loving best friends, and all our gift guides so far.

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