How To: Fresh Peachy Makeup with a Bold Eye

The Info—Stylist: Shana Astrachan of Fox & Doll Hair and Makeup/ Photography: Hart & Sol West, Emily Takes Photos / Venue: The Box SF / Flowers: Green Snapdragon Floral Design /Dress: Little Borrowed Dress / Jewelry: BrideBlu Vintage + Handmade Jewelry

Welcome to the APW makeup tutorials!! Hooray! These are so you all can practice some tips and tricks, and be 110% comfortable doing your own makeup on your wedding day (Like I did. Though I wish I’d had these extra tips. Humph.) You’ll be getting a variety of these makeup tutorials all month, for all different kinds of skin and face shapes, just in time for wedding season. A huge thank you to P&G Beauty for supporting APW and making this possible (and making wedding makeup totally affordable).

At first this seems like a lot of detail, right? I know. But we figured we had a professional makeup artist, and we wanted to give you all the tricks she had in her bag. But the basic routine is this: foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara (and possibly false eyelashes for extra fun!), pinky peach blush, lips. So, that’s the quick overview, and there are tons of extra tips in the pictures you can follow if you want to be extra awesome. But no being overwhelmed by this! Those are the rules.

Also, have I mentioned that I’m now in love with false eyelashes? I really truly am. But on to Shana’s tips! (You can ask her any questions you want on Twitter at 1pm EST/ 10am PST, yay! And if you want a jumpstart, list your questions, and your Twitter handle if you’ve got one in the comments, and we’ll answer your questions first.)

For Face: It’s all about primer. Before any makeup goes on your face, apply primer. We used Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution here. But the general idea is that primer will make sure that this look stays put. You guys asked us how to make sure your wedding day makeup doesn’t melt off mid-reception, and while we think a little makeup melt can look lovely (you look lovely however you come), the way to solve this problem is primer.

For Eyes: Here, the same rule goes double. If you want eye shadow to stay on even longer, us an eye primer first (on top of whatever primer you just used for the rest of your face). That, my friends, is two primers for the eyes. BAM.

For Adding False Lashes: Shana taught us that there are two primary tricks to getting false lashes to look great (because goodness knows we’ve all seen the movie When False Eyelashes Go Wrong). First: apply the glue with a fine tip tool (like a toothpick) rather than the glue bottle itself. (What? Doesn’t everyone do that?) Second: instead of applying one long line of lashes, which can look really fake, cut the strip of lashes into three parts, and only apply two of them to your lash line, focusing on the outer edges of your eye. This will open up your eye, but you won’t look like you’re trying to emulate a porcelain doll, or worse. (Seriously though, after having Shana do my false eyelashes, I went from thinking they were weird and gross to thinking they were glam and awesome, and needing to teach myself how to do them at home.)

For Creating Bold Eye Liner: Liquid eyeliner is usually the best for creating bold, thick lines, but a lot of people have a hard time controlling the liquid. (Read: me. It does not look any better now than when I used it at Rocky Horror in High School. No good for weddings.) So we used CoverGirl LiquilineBlast eyeliner, which has the impact of a liquid in pencil form. Am I going to be acquiring this product? Um, yes. I’m mostly just annoyed I didn’t somehow snag it after the shoot. Rats.

For Lips: This is the pro-makeup artist tip I learned. First, use a lipstick brush. Then second, don’t be afraid to layer colors until you get the right hue you want. You mix it all up like you’re doing an oil painting (this right here is the reason I’ve loved makeup since I was old enough to use it; see my post on the kind of feminist I am). And for extra staying power, use a lip liner first.

Relax. Stop worrying. You’re going to look beautiful.

I know. Relax is the last step of all of these tutorials, but it’s the step I most needed to hear during my own lead up to wedding hair and makeup. Everyone kept muttering that I was going to screw it up, and I needed someone to tell me I was going to look great. (Hint: my makeup looked so good that people complained to me on my wedding day that their wedding makeup had looked over done, and they were mad mine looked just right. How did I do it? I DID IT MYSELF.) So take this inspiration, and run with it.

And we’ll see you on Twitter to discuss at 1pm EST/ 10am PST, with @ShanaAstrachan and @PGBeauty (hashtag #APWPGBeauty.)

Download a PDF of the shopping list for this look here.

**This post was sponsored by P&G Beauty. Thanks P&G for helping make the APW mission possible!**

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  • Molly D.

    Did my own makeup for my wedding. Used mostly Clinique products (eye shadow, bronzer, loose powder). Here’s my biggest tip: Smashbox sells a “Camera Ready” cream foundation. This stuff is magic. I was afraid of looking shiny or oily in all my photos, which is how I look after a few hours in my normal makeup. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of time re-touching my makeup all day. We had an outdoor wedding, and my makeup stayed set, never ran, and my skin had amount of matte-look I wanted until well after our after-party.

    Smashbox Camera Ready.

    I am not a makeup girl, I got one lesson from the Clinique lady and one from the Sephora lady who sold me the Smashbox foundation. I did 2 practice runs the week before the wedding and got lots of compliments on my makeup, and my photos look the way I wanted: like me, but not shiny. I spent less than $100 on the makeup, which I wear whenever I want to wow my husband.

    • meg

      See, weirdly, I was sold hard on the camera ready foundation, and to this day I think I totally wasted money on that (and I have the rest of it in the bathroom right this second). In fact, this is my first question on Twitter, no joke.

      • Somebody gave me the tip that Monistat Anti Chafing Cream is the exact same formula as one of the Smashbox foundations….and it’s like, half the price. It’s amazing, and it’s also great for making sure you don’t get blisters from your heels. I think it helps smooth out my face and helps makeup stick to it.

        • Mel

          It’s actually less than half the price (when I bought Smashbox it was $36 and the chafing gel was like $7), and you get more of it. I’ve used both and honestly prefer the chafing gel! Lol :)

          • Molly D.

            There ya go!! When my Smashbox runs out, I’ll go for the chafing gel.

      • carrie

        I think what you said in the tutorial is the main point – primer is key, no matter who makes it. I used Bare Escentuals, because that’s what I use everyday (including my wedding!). And everyone’s skin reacts differently to different formulas.

        • Primer is so, so key. Discovering eye primer was a make up revelation for me.

          It seems silly, putting on *another* layer of makeup, but if you need the makeup to last primer will make that happen.

        • Great point Carrie! So one advantage of having a makeup artist by your side is that everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to different products. As makeup artists we know how to ‘read’ your skin and needs. We keep our kits stocked with all options for all needs and colorings. I may use 15 or more products on a bride that they don’t really want to own in the end, so often times hiring a pro can save money and you get that personalized service and look that is exactly what you pictured and lasts.

    • Lynn

      I used Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Light (a good friend is an Estee Lauder consultant and general beauty junkie), and I have to say that while I’m normally a Bare Minerals girl, as soon as this last pot of it is gone, I’m doing the DWL all the time. It just makes my skin look better….and to be honest, I didn’t expect that much from make-up.

    • I also got a lesson from a woman at a makeup counter in a department store a week or two before my wedding — I think it was the Bare Minerals counter — and it was fantastic. She passed on all the tips in this tutorial and more, with the added bonus that I got to see/feel what she was doing. I wished I’d gone years earlier, like when I first started wearing makeup, and that I’d revisited every few years as my style changed (like when I realized I was too old for smeary black eyeliner during the day). I bought a few key pieces of makeup, used them in connection with what I already owned, used her tips to do my own makeup on wedding day, and was very happy with how I looked. Not that I had people coming up to me all night jealous of my makeup or anything, but I was happy, and the pictures look nice.

    • Emily

      I used Makeup Forever HD Foundation. It was $75 but included the foundation, primer, setting powder and brush. I act on camera a lot and alway look washed out in my street makeup, so it was an investment, too. The Makeup Forever really did stay in place ALL DAY. But as the tutorial points out, the most important thing is primer! It really is the only thing that can make your makeup stay put that long, and through tears and even sweat (it was 90 and humid on my wedding day). Also splurged on an Urban Decay Naked palette–it came with free primer and i was able to throw away all my old, broken eyeshadows!

      • One More Sara

        I am OBSESSED with my naked pallette!!! And that primer is seriously like makeup glue. I have put the eyeshadow on before a party, and it looked almost exactly the same when I woke up the next morning (not that I make a habit of leaving my makeup on… that’s seriously bad for you. but it was impressive none-the-less!)

        • Love the Naked palettes too! A great makeup investment. They give you many options you will have long past your wedding day.

  • Gorg! Despite staying up half the night on wedding eve re-making my wedding playlist that I’d accidentally deleted, I credit Laura Mericer tinted moisturizer (and being so freaking excited and happy) to making me not only not look like a zombie, but totally glow on my day! I almost never wear makeup, but that stuff is magic. Cheers for ladies doing your own makeup!

    • carrie

      I use that stuff everyday. I don’t know how I lived without!

    • Diane

      On the Laura Mercier front, I was introduced to her concealer when I was in med school and going to professional meetings where I had to make it through 14 hours of meetings and dinners several days in a row. It’s magic. It is the one makeup product that I actively monitor to make sure I’m not running low.

    • I often have brides that want me to use their Laura Mericer tinted moisturizer. I love this. Primer under and powder over will boost it’s staying power.


  • Kathy

    I’m so twitter averse – could someone ask about a daytime red lip for the pale folk, and how to do the rest of the face? How do you make sure it’s not too garish in photos?

    • Carrie

      As a pale folk who experimented hard with red lipstick last year (and failed hard a few times), I have a few insights:

      1. It is important to pick the right shade for your skin coloring, or it will look garish, in or out of pictures. If you are like me — a pale-skinned dark brunette with blue undertones to your skin — a blue-red is definitely the best choice. The best shade I’ve found for myself so far is Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Cruella” — a deep scarlet red. A less expensive lipstick in a similar shade, that also works well for me, is Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Rouge.

      The best way to find the right shade of red is to experiment. I started out by buying red lipsticks at the drugstore and seeing which ones worked, but I didn’t succeed until I went into a Sephora makeup store and asked one of the salespeople “I am looking for a really good red lipstick. Can you help me?” She led me right to the Nars shade I mentioned above. But even if she hadn’t, a makeup store is a good place to try on several different shades and see which one works for you.

      Shade makes a huge difference with red lipstick — it seems like more of a difference than with other lipsticks. With other colors, if I get the wrong shade, it maybe doesn’t do anything for me or looks slightly off — it usually doesn’t look actively bad. But the wrong shade of red looks actively bad on me. I tried a bright true red (Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Red Alert) that totally did not work for my coloring. It ended up looking like clown makeup on me. But that shade would probably look great on a redhead, while my red lipstick of choice would look garish on a redhead.

      2. When you wear red lipstick, your eyes should be defined, but not too bold (or it’ll compete with the boldness of red lips). I tend to go with eyeshadow in brown/beige shades, and black eyeliner applied just straight along the edge of the upper lids — not a smoky eye or a cat-eye. And a blush that mimicks your natural flush as much as possible. (For me, that’s a rosy pink.) It can also work to apply a tiny bit of the red lipstick to the apples of your cheeks and blend with your fingertips — works sort of like a cheek stain or cream rouge.

      3. Lip liner makes more of a difference with red lipstick than with other shades, in my experience. I don’t generally bother with lip liner, but I do always use it with red lipstick, because red lipstick tends to migrate out into the skin just around my lips if I don’t. (The benefit of the Nars lip pencil is that I don’t need a separate lip liner with it.) Also, I do better applying red lipstick with a lip brush because it gives me more control.

      This is coming from someone who doesn’t wear makeup most days, and mostly tends to go light and natural/subtle even when I do — but occasionally I like to go for it with the red lipstick!

      I’d love to hear from a pro on this subject too, to see if there’s something I’ve missed or am totally wrong about. But these procedures seem to work for me.

      • Carrie- Great insight! You really do need to experiment. I do thing that a classic cat eye with a red lip is lovely, the two really complement each other. You may want to steer clear of applying lipstick to your cheeks. The waxy nature can clog pores and cause breakouts and some colors don’t blend so well and may look blotchy, of course this will depend on the formula. And yes liner is amazing! You can often even get away with using a nude liner too. Also the blot and reapply trick is great for a getting lasting coverage.


    • Kathy- It is a tricky balance. You really need to try different reds to find the right one, though many artists can take a look at you and figure out pretty quickly which ones are best. Try finding a brand you like and go to their counter and ask for help with reds. At some point soon I will post a reds ‘favorites’ list on my Fox & Doll facebook page. There are some particular reds that tend work well on lots of skin tones.

    • Re balancing red lips- keep the rest of your makeup clean and simple without much other color. Try sticking with black liner and mascara, if you want more drama add more (think the classic winged cat eye, and maybe a few false lashes). As for shadows stay with matte and nudes for a real classic look, and just light on the blush.

      One red to try on your lovely pale skin: MAC Russian Red (I am very fair and love this on me, but of course your tones may be very different).


  • Sarah

    So, do P&G want to provide a translation of all these products into the ones available in the UK?! I’m sure they exist but they probably have different names, and I’m not spending 3 hours in Boots trying to figure it out!

    • meg

      We’ll ask!!

  • Oooh! I’m @edb26 on Twitter and I have the following questions:
    -Brushes – any brand recs? I’ve bought some really poor quality ones in the past…Also, what is “medium” and “small”? Should they be angled?
    -Brushes – care and keeping – do I wash a lipstick brush every time I use it, or is wiping it off sufficient? Is there some magical brush cleaner I can keep on my vanity and just dip it in?
    -Blush – how do I pick a good shade for me? I sort of know how to match my skin tone with foundation, but for blush, I’ve just been buying the same shades that my mom buys, and I want to mix it up and try other colors, but I’ve gone really wrong in the past…
    -Bronzer – I tend to get a tan on my arms and legs, but not my face because I’m better about sunscreening my face. How can I fix this discrepency without applying self tanner to my face (seems like a terrible plan…)?
    -Hair (are hair questions allowed?) – mine is super frizzy and difficult and I live in a swamp (it’s humid here). Is there any product that will allow my hair to not look like a hot mess as it dries naturally? I hate running the blow dryer when it’s 106 out. Hair is a chin length bob.
    -I am pale with brown hair, so I usually use dark brown liner and dark brown mascara, but somebody told me I should use black for more impact but I think it makes me look like Morticia. Is there a right answer here?


    • meg

      We are ON it, lady.

    • DKR

      Meg, would it be possible to get the answers to her first four questions here (or on Facebook)? I’m not on Twitter (and generally don’t want to be), but I’d love to hear Shana’s answers.

    • Amber

      I got a set of Borghese makeup brushes years ago at Costco. I’m not sure if they still carry them, but they have been great over the years! I don’t wear makeup regularly, unless I am performing or for a special occasion. So I imagine if I used them more frequently I might have needed to replace them by now. In terms of cleaning the brushes, I’ll use a mild liquid hand soap with warm water. I squirt a drop or two of soap in the palm of my hand and move the brush around in the soap, rinse and repeat until the soap is clear of color. Then I make sure to wash all the soap out of the brush. To dry, just get a cup or jar and place the brushes so the brush part is upward. If you stick the brush part down into the cup it can bend the bristles and mess things up. I hope that helps!

      • I’ve actually heard that you should dry your brushes flat on your counter — sticking them brush upward means water slides down and can weaken the glue that holds the bristles together, causing the brush to shed.

        • Amber

          Ah, good point! I clean my brushes the same way I did in my art class, but this makes sense! Thanks for the tip. :-)

    • re brush cleanser – MAC sells a brush cleanser that’s easy to use. I just squirt some onto some paper towel or a tissue and wipe the brush on it until no more colour comes out. Then every couple of weeks I wash my brushes with baby shampoo to clean them more thoroughly but I think you’re supposed to do this weekly if you use the brushes every day :)

    • Ellie-
      So many questions, I will try to answer them all, and let me know if I miss anything.
      Re: Brushes- In general the more you spend the better they will be. A few easy to find department store brands I like include Stila, MAC and Laura Mercier. You can also check out the ones from Mineral Fusion if you shop Whole Foods. And Target carries the Sonia Kashuk line which are very nice for their low price and they sell sets…

      Re: Cleaning Brushes- They should be washed weekly if you use them daily, maybe every other week if you only use some days here and there. To was use a mild shampoo, think of your brushes as fine hair that you don’t want to damage. Swish around with shampoo and water in the palm of your hand and rinse well. Add a little lite conditioner and repeat. Squeeze out and lay flat to dry. You can use a cleaning spray (sold and Sephora and such) between applications and when switching between colors. Spray and wipe off on paper towel.

      Re: Blush- Those Cover Girl ones have 3 colors in each palette so that can be a good place to start. Currently peachy colors and rosy colors are fresh and give a nice glow.

      Re: Color on neck vs face- You can ass a little matte powder bronzer to your face, but do it sparingly. Often you can’t match your body exactly, but please do start wearing spf down your neck and chest area, anywhere sun hit.

      Re: Hair- Nearly every hair care line has a smoothing serum that will do the trick. If in doubt ask your hairstylist from the selection your salon carries. Or try the popular argon oil, sold at all natural food stores. Apply to damp hair, then add in a dot of styling cream and twist in sections away from your face. Let dry then break up with fingers.

      Re: Black or Brown- There are no rules here. Stick with brown if that is what you like. I recall going to my favorite makeup counter for black liner many years ago and the person at the counter told me that because of my coloring I should buy brown. Now many years later I wear a heavy black liner in a smudged sixties style or as a classic cat eye nearly every day because it is what I like, so I say go with what makes you happy and comfortable!

      Good luck and have fun!

  • DKR

    I’d like to hear any tips Shana has for a natural look for a light-skinned white-Latina hybrid. Like so many other APWers, I want to look like me, with a little polish. I’m probably a bit lighter than Yesenia, with black hair and brown eyes (I think my face might be a bit rounder too). Hopefully the description helps. Thanks for doing this!

    • Hi DKR- YOu might like a tinted moisturizer with a little bit of highlight or illuminizer mixed in or dotted right above the apples of your cheeks. And a bit of a matte bronzer (no shimmer here) placed at the temples and in the hollows of cheeks (suck in to see). Blend well. You can even add a dab of illuminizer on your lids or the inner corners of your eyes. Curl lashes and add mascara, then a bit of gloss. So pretty and fresh looking!


  • Whoa you are super glow-ful here! These are great tips.

  • Huzzah! I’m @pensyf on Twitter and have the following questions:

    -I love Meg’s bold eye here, but whenever I try to do black liner myself, it ends up looking too harsh; how do I soften it up? Also, any tips for getting a straight line with liquid liner?
    -How do I get my makeup to show on camera without ending up with scary clown-face in person? (Has been an issue with getting makeup professionally done in the past)
    -Any tips on foundation matching? (Especially for ethnic skin)
    -What’s the secret to a perfect blowout?
    -How to cover acne scars/large pores without just piling more product on

    Thanks, Shana!

    • Amber

      I know some people swear by liquid liner, but personally I avoid it like the plague! I find hat I can never get a straight line and I ALWAYS end up getting the stuff in my eye. And, it seems like once I actually get the stuff on it doesn’t last as long as when I use a pencil. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I’d recommend sticking with a pencil! You’ll have more control over what you’re doing and it won’t smudge off as quickly.

      • Amber

        As follow up, the pencil I like for a darker eye liner is L’Oreal Paris HIP High Intensity Pigments. Good luck!!

      • Beth

        I have spent so many hours wrangling with various liners lol – but I’ve found that either pencilling first and going over with wet OR using wet then touching-up with pencil (like they use shadow here on Meg) gives a nice neat finish.
        I have recently discovered Bobbi Brown’s eyeliner gel pots and you can believe the hype – they’re brilliant and easy to use. Even fine enough to use under the eye too. Recommend :)

      • Liquid liner may, possibly be slightly evil. One solution I’ve found has been felt tip liners – they’re a little easier to control than the ones that are more like brushes.

    • Lynn

      For the straight line with liquid liner, I do a series of short lines and then connect them. I’ve gotten better at one whole long line, but I find that the short ones give me more control. Also, I use an eyeliner brush to apply my liquid liner. It gives me more control over the application and I can get a super fine line

  • suzanna

    LOVE this! I really appreciate all the detail–makes me feel like I can actually tackle this (rather than assume that I know what I’m doing, which I totally don’t).

    • meg

      YAY! Figuring out the detail vs. overwhelm balance is always really hard, and something we were debating till MIDNIGHT last night (I wish I were joking). So I’m super glad we nailed it for you.

      • suzanna

        Oh my gosh, if you had close-ups of the products you used, with arrows pointing from the exact shades of eye shadow or blush to the exact places you put them, I would probably need that level of instruction when it comes to this stuff. It probably wouldn’t look very nice on your site, though. ;)

  • Diane

    I also don’t have a Twitter account, but I do have a perpetual problem that I’d love some help with: the area under my nose stays red like all the time. I can use primer, concealer and foundation to disguise it and I use very gentle cleansers on that part of my face but can Shana recommend a) anything to make the redness go away (I’ve already tried a Clinique cream with a very low dose of hydrocortisone in it and that didn’t help at all) and b) a good powder or other quick concealer that I can use for mid-wedding touch ups?

    • Halle

      I totally had this problem til I switched to Bare Minerals. A friend of mine works for them and taught me about using my foundation as a concealer (applying it with the smaller brush), this is the only way I’ve ever been able to cover up that particular redness. This is just one happy benefit of making the switch to this line. My skin is clearer and I always look like myself, just a little more polished. Good luck!

    • Hi Diane- You may need to do some faking it tricks here that would be great for wedding day but maybe too much for everyday. You will want a balancing primer or concealer that will correct the color, Makeup Forever makes one (sold at Sephora) also I think Jane Iredale, green or yellow depending on your skin. And set with a setting spray after you finish with foundation and powder, Makeup Forever also sells one.

      Check out the Soothing Serum from Juice Beauty, it helps with daily redness. Also drink chamomile tea and lots of water, this can help calm your skin.


  • Melissa H

    my twitter handle is @ladypants80 and my question is:
    What is the beauty blender tool and where can I get that?!

  • Alexandra

    My twitter handle is @Lexilogical, but I’m wondering what P&G thinks about not using shampoo, just conditioner in curly hair. On the one hand, they make the Herbal Essence shampoo for curly hair that I use, but on the other hand, it’s practically impossible to get all the shampoo out of curly hair.

    • meg

      Curly girl to curly girl, I recommend shampooing sparingly (once or twice a week) and conditioning a little more often.

    • I’m not PG, but I do have curly hair like whoa and I haven’t come within 5 feet of shampoo for 6 years now. Curl-specific conditioners are my jam, because they’re usually ultra-moisturizing, but I skip the shampoo altogether. I just mimic the motions of shampooing with conditioner. Really massaging the scalp and getting everything up out of there, rinsing, and leaving a bit in at the ends. Everyone’s hair is different, but I couldn’t care for mine any other way.

      • Alexandra

        Thanks you two. <3 I only heard this tidbit yesterday, and figured it was worth trying. And I suspect P&G would have been rather conflicted over "good advice" vs "sell more products".

    • ElisabethJoanne

      I have curly hair. After reading the curly girl book, I wash my hair about 2x/year. It requires special circumstances for me to feel my hair is dirty. (The last time was I went swimming for the first time in years and put regular sunscreen down my part.)

      I condition my hair daily with a conditioner containing stearyl, not cetyl, alcohol. I’m no chemist, I just know I feel the difference in my hair. I like Tresemme and Pantene.

      HOWEVER, I just read in a fashion magazine how you can have a build-up of oil and dead skin on your scalp, and I think I have this. It recommended 30 seconds of massage in the shower each day with shampoo. For curly hair, it recommended a sulfate-free shampoo. I haven’t had a chance to look for shampoo yet. If it’s more expensive, I won’t buy it.

      • DKR

        From one curly girl to another, I use a baking soda and apple-cider vinegar rinse to take care of any buildup, then condition as usual (I haven’t used shampoo in years). To make the baking soda and vinegar rinses, you’ll need two spray bottles. In one mix 1-tbsp baking soda in 8-oz water; in the other, 1 tbsp apple-cider vinegar in 8-oz water. You can make more, of course, but that’s the ratio you want. (The vinegar smell will be there when you spray it, but will be gone when you rinse it out of your hair). Hope that helps!

        • ElisabethJoanne

          Thanks. I’ll have to try it.

        • DKR- I love your recipe! Baking soda and apple-cider vinegar are so great to have around for many other diy hair and skin care concoctions too.


  • Snow Gray

    @GrayCandace – Any tips for applying eyeliner for the makeup novice? I’m the only one who doesn’t wear makeup everyday in my family, and I have issues with things being close to my eyes, so it’s hard to sit still and let a more experienced family member do my liner. I’d be more comfortable if I could do it myself without it looking terrible.

    • You do need to be very relaxed when practicing liner, and really you do need to PRACTICE. So don’t do it only when you are getting ready for an event and need to be out the door in ten minutes, but try it in the evening right before you wash your face. This way there is no pressure. And purchase some pointy q-tips and liquid eye makeup remover, so if you go out of line you can easily clean it up without removing everything.

      Good luck!

  • Lauren

    Meg! You look so beautiful! I am jealous of your skin.

    I also wish I had the time and the energy to do this whole makeup thing every day. My self-esteem would be a lot higher, but I would get a lot less sleep.

    • meg

      Aws. Thank you. Pregnant, even, right? My skin has stayed ok, even if other things have gone off the rails.

      I have a super fast makeup routine that I do most days, just light foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner. It takes me 4ish minutes.

    • Ambi

      YES! My first response to this post is that, while the makeup looks fantastic, I honestly think Meg looked so beautiful and wedding-photos-ready in the very first shot with no makeup on. It just goes to show you – all those people who say you NEED makeup for your wedding have no idea what they are talking about.

    • Lauren,
      Meg is right, a few things can be done in 2 to 5 minutes. My favorite is getting a lash curler, it opens your eyes and can’t get smudged or messed up through the day. Add one or two coats of mascara. And maybe a tinted moisturizer and some blush. It hardly takes any time once you have the hang of it.

      Let us know what you try!

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  • Jessica

    Ow ow, Meg! Lookin’ good!

    • meg

      Aw, thank you. I’m actually looking forward to every other week, when I’m not the model. I’m feeling like “And that is a lot of my face. Wow.”

      • Jessica

        I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that everyone here is cool with a lot of your face.

  • Amber

    I’m not sure if it’s just me and that I’m on my iPad, but the font on the pictures for the last two tutorials has been really hard to read. Very fuzzy. Is anyone else having trouble with this?

    • Hypothetical Sarah

      You’re right. It’s perfectly clear on my laptop, but it’s fuzzy on my iPad. It looks like the images are generally lower-res on the iPad — I can see a lot more pixelation. It’s not just the font getting screwy.

      • meg

        Hum. Man, does the iPad make websites more difficult. The rules are just all out the window.

    • Helen

      I am also having this problem. Also on an iPad. I guess I’ll have to mave to the desktop for the how-to posts from now on.

  • Diane

    Love it! This is really similar to how I did my makeup but I used brown eyeliner instead of black. Smudging eyeliner is definitely great so you don’t have to worry about it being perfect!

  • Caroline

    I never wear make-up and am getting married next weekend AHHH anyway, is primer a special thing, or does regular face moisturizer work the same way? Also, is it true that having spf stuff on your face is bad for pictures? Or is that just if there is a flash? I am pretty lost, may have to run over to Lord and Taylor’s tomorrow, but it is so embarrassing when I try and buy make up that at 28 I have no idea what anything other than mascara and lip gloss is, even though I tell the ladies at the make up counter that I wear make up like twice a year, they never seem to really grasp how little I know.

    • meg

      According to our Twitter convo, SPF is in fact, not great for pictures. And primer is for sure different than moisturizer. You don’t have to use it, but it does make your face stay on a little bit. LUCK!

    • Caroline,
      I hope the twitter and the comments here helped you with your questions. You will also have a natural glow that just appear on your wedding day, but a little blush and lip color doesn’t hurt either.


  • I missed the twitter party, but wanted to know: when I wear makeup, it highlights the shadowy part of my face between my lower lip and my chin. I have a vein and some freckles there, and my future mr often helps me put loads of concealer there because the makeup makes that shadowy area look bruised when it’s not. I was wondering how to avoid the “I’ve been smacked in the chin” look I get with my bare minerals or any foundation, for that matter.

    Right now I”m using covergirl true match liquid.

    • Hi- It is hard for me to make a recommendation without seeing the undertones in your skin. You likely need a product, like a color balancing primer, under your foundation. But you may want to go to a makeup counter or Sephora and see if you can find someone that can help with this. Your other option is a different concealer which a pro can also help you with.

      Let is know what you find that works. Good luck!

  • Um, can we get a lazy girl’s guide to DIY makeup? This is… kind of beyond me.

    My normal beauty routine: Clean face, add eyeshadow and mascara. On a weekend… I add eye liner. I am looking for something that involves a minimum of things and definitely costs under $75. Help?

    • ElisabethJoanne

      I recently went to Sephora and got 2 eye shadows, blush, concealer, and foundation for $150. I’m returning the foundation.

      BUT, I said the word “wedding” to the sales lady, and I didn’t care much about prices because I had a gift card. Also, I wanted unusual/unpopular eye shadow. You could probably get foundation, concealer, blush, and lips for $75 at Sephora if you were more careful than I was. I think I’ve actually done this about 4 years ago when I started working in an office and hadn’t bought make-up since high school.

      I’d also advise learning what things are worth spending money on and what aren’t. I love my $1 lip liners, but honestly don’t like my CoverGirl eyeshadow. There are $6 mascaras that review better than $20 mascaras. On this topic, I recommend a book, “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me.” It’s like Consumer Reports for cosmetics. You should be able to get an old edition at the public library. The reviews will be out of date, but you’ll learn about what cosmetics are made of and what you can save on (like lip liner) and what you probably want to splurge on (foundation, usually).

    • Above I suggested a quick routine to Lauren who said she didn’t have time for makeup… “My favorite is getting a lash curler, it opens your eyes and can’t get smudged or messed up through the day. Add one or two coats of mascara. And maybe a tinted moisturizer and some blush.”

      The costs add up I know, so between a curler, mascara, a tinted moisturizer, a blush and a proper blush brush you are likely around $75. Then you can keep adding to your collection here and there when you want to try something new.


  • Megan (from Nova Scotia)

    You gals nailed this. This is almost exactly the look I want. In fact, you may have just given me the last bit on encouragement I needed to do my own makeup for the wedding!!
    Also, primer is just about the best piece of makeup awesome ever. I just started using it a couple weeks ago, and it super improves even the look of my powder foundation. And the product list here, super helpful!

  • I am going to rush out and buy that eyeliner. I love the look of liquid eyeliner, but can’t for the life of me put it on. Thanks for the tip! I can’t wait to see more!

    • Katie

      I just ran out to buy it and they were all out in black (I secretly hope a lot of APW-ers were at my Target buying it up!)– I ended up grabbing it in gray and it’s also fantastic.

  • My wedding is on Saturday! so, yay, this is just in time. I love the recap. My makeup artist friend taught me these steps, and though I wrote them down, I was getting a bit worried I would do it wrong. Now I have an additional resource.

    The tips to relax and that I will look like myself are the best. Thanks!!

  • Laura

    I had been pondering doing my own wedding makeup (I mean, I do it every day anyway…), but everyone was freaking me out with “OMG NO WHAT IF YOU MESS UP DISASTER!”

    This has firmly put me in the camp of “I’m doing my own damn wedding makeup.” Thanks for this!

    • Kristi

      HA. This made my day! WHAT IF YOU MESS UP!? I mean, we do it EVERYDAY, how bad could it possibly go?? People are funny this way.

      I feel like when we do our own make-up, we 1. get exactly what we want, 2. feel like our everyday beautiful selves, and 3. save a ton of dough. it’s win-win!


  • Kristi

    Thank you for this! SO great. I’m so excited to do my own makeup for my wedding and luckily I have a year to practice. ;)

    One question. I’ve never used primer or false lashes before (I’m so excited about the lashes–I love the idea of dramatic eyes with nude lips!!) Does anyone have a brand recommendation for both that is cruelty free?

    • Kristi-
      Ar whole foods you can purchase the Mineral Fusion primer. I love it. As for lashes you will want to go with the ones from Andrea or Ardell usually sold at most drugstores. I believe they are cruelty free but you may want to do your own research.

      Keep practicing and you will have it down. And give yourself some extra time the day of since your nerves may be at work.

      I am encouraging people send me pics over at my facebook page


  • Hannah

    I did my own make-up for my wedding in May, and I was pleased with how the pictures turned out. I picked up a few new products–the best one was Revlon’s Colorstay lipstick (goes on liquid, but dries to look more like lipstick than lipgloss). It stayed on all day, and even made it through dinner. Which in my mind is nearly miraculous. :-) (Although I wish I’d heard of primer–clearly I am out of the make-up loop.)

  • Love all the questions ladies! I am off to do hair and makeup for a Friday wedding here in SF and have a busy makeup filled weekend ahead, but I will try to answer some more of your makeup questions as soon as I can have some sit down time.


  • Viv

    Make up should be all about how it makes you feel – if it makes you happy to get it done professionally, you shuold, if you’re happy to do it yourself you should and if it makes you happy not to wear any, then don’t!

    I hardly ever wear make up (and when I do its mascara and lipgloss). Before our wedding alot of friends asked me about what make up I would wear (I think they were worried I wouldn’t know what to do!) and I had a few trials putting on friends full make up, but I hated the feeling of wearing foundation or powder, so for the wedding I just put on my usual mascarra and lip gloss, and a bit of eye shadow. I asked our photographer what she thought about me wearing no foundation and she said I should do whatever made me feel the most comfortable (then I definately knew we had the right photographer). I like the way I look in normal photos so why should it change for the wedding? and I was smiling so much all day that there is no way I wouldnt look beautiful! So I say, have the confidence to do your make up the way that makes you feel the best :)

  • Laura

    So! I used these tips on myself last weekend as a guest at a wedding, with a few small changes:

    1) Used whatever makeup I currently had on hand, none of which were the exact same products suggested above (sorry P&G!?). But, what’s so great about this look is that all the components are both basic and versatile, so I had fair approximations of each suggested product in my makeup bin already…
    2) …Except primer. Too bad, would have loved to have used some. Next time.
    3) Applied bronzer before the blush step. (I wear a hat but sleeveless shirts when I run outside.)
    4) No false eyelashes. Something I would totally try for my own wedding, just not for someone else’s.
    5) Used the same size eyeshadow brush for all the brush-requiring eye steps. Which was totally fine.

    The verdict:


    The face makeup got a little melty by the end of the 2am dance party (yeah, it was that kind of wedding), but was still pretty reasonable looking. I bet it would have been better with the primer and, who knows, maybe even better with the exact products suggested above.

    But, seriously, the eyes. Oh, the eyes. Bold is right, for sure. Combined with the light cheek and lip, the effect was a really bright, clean, stand-out eye that didn’t remind me at all of a lady of the night (a la the “smoky eye” looks of my [slightly] younger days).

    I’m pretty sure that the key to this look – and keeping it all night long – is applying the black eyeshadow *over* black eyeliner. It kind of sets the liner, like how powder sets liquid make-up, and makes the color more intense. And then, blam! Hello dramatic but sophisticated eyes! I will be adopting this routine as my go-to fancy eye makeup from now on.

    Hope these comments are helpful!

    (Note: I actually just posted a similar comment on a more recent hair how-to post, but then realized it would be more useful on this comment board…)

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