18 Free Minimal Fonts for Your DIY Wedding Invitations

Because plain doesn't have to mean boring

18 Free Minimal Fonts for Your DIY Wedding Invitations

If you’re DIYing your wedding invitations, then you’ve probably noticed there is a plethora of fancy fonts out there to make things pretty. In our own roundups, we’ve gotten our script on, found fonts that match our own handwriting, and explored all things gorgeous and modern. But if we’ve learned anything from our Graphic Design 101 series, it’s that sometimes you just need a font that is happy to sit there and just be while surrounded by other more flowery, vibrant fonts.

So with that in mind, we’ve rounded up eighteen fonts that resemble your every day Plain Jane script (think Arial or Times New Roman) except with a little bit of flair. Some of them have great characters like a fun ampersand (the one from Clemente is adorable), or maybe the “y” curls in just the right way (hello, Roman Serif), or maybe the font just lives up to the name (Magnificent!). In any case (ha, see what I did there?) if you’re in the market for standard, minimal fonts that won’t overwhelm, these should do the trick:


Magnificent Free Font Download


Geo Sans Light Free Font Download


Champagne & Limousines Free Font Download


Constantine Free Font Download


Zachery Free Font Download


Gravity Free Font Download


Mank Sans Free Font Download


Oranienbaum Free Font Download


CM Tiempo Free Font Download


Lane Free Font Download


Seattle Sans Free Font Download


Fine Style Free Font Download


Typo 3 Free Font Download


Generica Free Font Download


Gentium Free Font Download


Roman Serif Free Font Download


Clemente Free Font Download

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