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Roundup: Tomboy Flower Girl Outfits

Outfits even your Nana will love

Tomboy Flower Girl Outfits | A Practical Wedding

Suits: Appaman Mod Suit in Mist | Photo: from PetitePARADE Kids Fashion Week by John Parra via Annex Magazine

Growing up, I was the constantly dirty, skinned-up and bruised girl in boy’s clothes just trying to have a little fun and maybe catch a couple lizards to stick in a jar. I also grew up with a mother who was adamant that I wear a dress for any occasion, whether that was a formal event, church, picture day, or going over to a relative’s house. These dresses were usually stiff affairs, all crinoline and lace that itched more than any clothing item should ever, ever itch. And don’t even get me started on Christmas dresses. They were, to put it lightly, a nightmarish torture contraption to my child brain, and not to be tolerated without at least an hour-long battle.

So when Meg asked if I’d like to head up a Tomboy Flower Girl Roundup, I jumped on it. Not because I was some kind of fashionable child genius who knew how to dress myself better than my parents, but I remember what I liked then, and what I wanted: comfort, mobility, and nothing itchy. I’m pretty sure that today’s tomboys want pretty much the same. I remember that the only time I would wear anything remotely dress-like was if it looked at least somewhat like a tutu, and then I would only wear it if I could wear leggings under it (and sneakers, or boots). I’d always liked how the older ballerinas in my dance school looked wearing leggings and tutus, twirling around without a care. Probably because they knew they weren’t accidentally flashing people every time they did a grand écart.

But every tomboy is different. Some girls just don’t want to wear pink, but dresses are fine; while others aren’t going to touch a dress with a ten foot pole, but will wear pink or lace or whatever you want. There are girls who want to dress exactly like their brothers, and girls who could care less what you put on them, so long as they can run, jump, climb, and move in every possible direction (like me). Of course it goes without saying that you can always pick up a suit from the boys department, if that’s what floats your flower girl’s boat. But for today, we’ve pulled together a few outfits that will, fingers crossed, keep your flower girl and your Nana happy alike. (These are obviously for inspiration. Your local Target, or Sears, or wherever you shop will carry similar looks at a variety of price points).Tomboy Flower Girl | A Practical Wedding (2)

1. Girls’ Tissue Oxford Academy Shirt available at J. Crew ($29.50) 2. Washed Velvet Shorts available at Boden USA ($25.50) 3. Glitter Suede High Tops available at J. Crew ($118) 4. Leggings available at Boden USA ($18)Tomboy Flower Girl | A Practical Wedding (4)

1. Jeweled Collar Oxford Shirt available at J. Crew ($59.50) 2. Wool Blazer available at Boden USA ($68) 3. Sperry Top-Siders available at J. Crew ($75) 4. Corduroy Leggings available at Nordstrom ($135) 5. Slim Fit Twill Pants available at Nordstrom ($34)Tomboy Flower Girl | A Practical Wedding

1. Schoolboy Blazer in Velvet available at J.Crew ($190) 2. Pretty Pointelle T-Shirt available at Boden USA ($14.40) 3. Foil Leggings available at Nordstrom ($21.44) 4. Silver/Glitter Ballet Flats available at H&M ($6.45)  Tomboy Flower Girl | A Practical Wedding (1)

1. Lace Cardigan available at The Children’s Place ($17.95) 2. Wow Tutu available at Boden USA ($60) 3. Short Suede Boots available at Boden USA ($70) 4. Kids Nylon Tricot Legging available at American Apparel ($21)

For my father’s remarriage, I was a flower girl, and I was given a tiny white wedding dress to wear that I turned my nose up at (at first). It had a train, but was shorter in the front, hitting me at the knees. Because of this (and my five-year-old sister’s fondness for flashing people) we got to wear white bike shorts under our dresses. I found this to be an acceptable compromise because then the crinoline didn’t itch my legs, saving my dad and stepmom an hour of fighting with me over why pretty dresses aren’t a tool of the devil. I took off my fancy white Mary Janes after the group pictures, and spent the rest of the day in sneakers. And skinned knees, of course. It was a good day.

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