50 Gorgeous AF Wedding Backdrops

Big impact, high style (some elbow grease required)

Wedding backdrops: when it comes to DIY wedding projects, this is the one project that I always recommend as worth it.

Because when it comes to big, impactful, multi-use decor items, it’s hard to beat a wedding backdrop. They’ll make a huge splash in your pictures, and you can get double use from many of them by using them for both your ceremony and a photo booth (or a display behind your head table). While we have a bunch of awesome wedding backdrop tutorials that you can find right here, we also wanted to round up some of the best tutorials from around the web.

But before we get to that, here are our best tips on constructing wedding backdrops and sourcing materials, without reinventing the wheel.

Wedding Backdrop Frame Options

  • Seamless Background Frame ($49) If you don’t feel like building a frame, and you don’t need something that will hold a heavy load, a seamless backdrop frame is a simple solution. It’s light, super portable, and easy to set up. These are used for backdrops in photography, and APW owns one (that we use all the time). They’re great functional frames, and you can sell it on Craigslist when you’re through.
  • Pipe and Drape Backdrop ($139) If you don’t feel like building a frame but want something heavy duty that you can hang anything off of, this is the way to go. Pipe and drape is often available to rent, but if you want to buy one, you can sell it on Craigslist after your event or hang onto it for future parties. The plus, no hammer or nails required for assembly!
  • Make a (beautiful) Wooden Frame (Use our wedding arch tutorial.) This won’t be considerably less than buying a seamless frame (and it will be way more expensive if you buy expensive birch poles), so only build it if you’re dead set on making something super pretty for the frame itself. Also, make sure you stability test before the day of.
  • Make a PVC Frame (Around $25) You’ll want to make a taller frame than this tutorial, and keep in mind this kind of frame will only hold something as lightweight as fabric. But if you want to save money and are up for a little extra legwork, this is a cheap way to go!

Wedding Backdrop Supplies

  • Pretty paper can be expensive, and the price can add up quickly. If you want to make a backdrop that requires a lot of paper (and some serious effort—see the paper crane backdrop below), check out your local Daiso, where you can purchase a box of origami paper: 480 sheets of gold highlighter paper for $22.56. If you don’t have a Daiso near you, Amazon also has a huge selection of paper on their site.
  • And let’s be real. Flowers are not cheap. But there are ways to get around paying an arm and a leg so that you can create some flower magic. Support your local farmer or go to the nearest farmer’s market. You can guarantee that the flowers will be super fresh, local (meaning less stress on the flowers), and cost efficient, since they won’t be getting shipped from half way across the world.
  • If you are looking for unique or traditional fabrics for that PVC pipe and drape system you just built, Etsy has a ton of options (like this pink sequin backdrop for under $35). And don’t forget about my personal fave, eBay for used or new craft supplies, among them I found these sheer backdrop panels that come in a variety of colors, starting at $29.
  • Party supplies, like balloons, streamers, washi tape, or paper lanterns, can be found at many places, including your local dollar store. If you’re looking for more options color and material wise, Oriental Trading and Party City should be able to suit your needs.

Wedding Backdrop Tips To Keep In Mind

It is easy to get wrapped up in the world of DIY projects and Pinterest, so our best practical advice is to know your limitations. If there is a huge floral installation that requires days of set up with expensive product, or if there is a hot air balloon involved (see below), it might be best to leave it to the professionals. The last thing you need is lost time and money, not to mention loads of unnecessary stress (unless you like that type of thing), added to the other moving parts of planning a wedding.

Wedding Backdrops With Lush Greenery

wedding backdrops floral greenery ceremonyPhoto by Helena and Laurent via A Practical Wedding

wedding backdrops floral greenery ceremony plantersPhoto via Ampersand

living wall backdrop with words "it was always you" in front of large windowsPhoto by Debbie Lourens via Confetti Daydreams

lush flowers and greenery overflowing from a mantle on a modern green ombre tile fireplace, down to the ground, surrounded by candlesPhoto by Heather Waraksa

couple in black and grey wedding finery embrace in a dark room made to look like a forest with a dark starlit skyPhoto via A Practical Wedding

Colorful Wedding Backdrops

couple in wedding clothes stand in embrace insight a rainbow hot air balloonPhoto by Just For Love Photography via The Wedding Playbook

neon verticle stripe background and aisle runner with modern sculpural flowers and clear chairsPhoto via Style Me Pretty

couple stands beneath draped ribbon and pendant flag bannersPhoto by James Melia Photography

couple stands beneath an arch made of colorful paper pinwheels and honeycomb decorationsPhoto by Martin Vielma

bride in short dress and groom with pants rolled up stand in front of a wall draped with lots of ribbonPhoto by Ben Q Photography

Tropical Wedding Backdrops

bride and groom stand in front of tropical flower ladder Photo by Kama Catch Me

bride and groom at altar overlooking a cityscape bordered by large tropical leavesPhoto via All Lovely Party

bride stands in front of lush backdrop of tropical greenery and flowersPhoto by Jennifer Sosa via Ruffled

tropical leaves hung vertically on a wall and evenly spaced to create three-dimensional wallpaper-like patternPhoto by Bryan Gardner via Martha Stewart Weddings

bride and groom at altar on beach framed by tall leafy frondsPhoto by Sean Cook Weddings via Style Me Pretty

tropical leaf collage on white pegboard wallPhoto via Brides of North Texas

All Of The Lights

bride and groom in front of pink neon-style sign that reads, "And so it begins..."Photo by Through the Woods We Ran via Rock My Wedding

tring lights hang vertically in front of a textured brick wall with fabric draping and buntingPhoto by Feather & Twine via Style Me Pretty

woman in ethereal periwinkle dress stands in front of a wall with green plants and vertical string lights with red flowers interspersedPhoto via The Wedding Scoop

bride and groom kiss in front of a white brick wall with 7 strands of white string lights hung in a cascading scallop, aisle lined with white candlesPhoto by Sarah Morrill Photography via 100 Layer Cake

bride and groom stand in front of neon-style sign that reads, "'Til Death"Photo by Rose Jane via Aisle Society

Keeping It Modern

two brides with an officiant in front of guests at wedding ceremony in woods stand before a larg equilateral white triangle framePhoto via Handsome Hollow

woman in sparkly gold cocktail-style dress stands in front of metallic triangle frame collage before a rock wallPhoto by Michelle Roller via 100 Layer Cake

large white square frame on a short raised cement altar, adorned with flowers in two opposite corners, in a fieldPhoto by Heather Curiel via Style Me Pretty

bride and groom hold hands in front of a geometric folded-paper style backdropPhoto by Hayley Rae Photography via Ruffled

couple kiss in the desert in front of officiant and a concentric square diamond framePhoto by Laura Goldenberger Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

bride and groom under minimal house-shaped arch with vine greenery coming up one side and halfway down the other, in front of a white brick wallPhoto by Geoff Duncan via Junebug Weddings

Sweet and Simple Wedding Backdrops

bride and groom sit kissing on hand-made paper moon in front of bunting with a deco-lights inspired 2-D cutout in front of themPhoto by Nordica Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

a long piece of fabric draped through three circles suspended from a loft ceiling in front of an aged brick wall with windowsPhoto via Deer Pearl Flowers

a bride stands in front of paper cranes and planet cutouts hanging vertically in front of a cement wall, bordered on top with a greenery garlandPhoto by Dawn E Roscoe Photography via Wedding Wire

couple stands in front of officiant, underneath a chandelier in front of a large cross-section of draped fabric in a brightly lit loft Photo by Victoria Bonvicini

long handwritten-style scroll as backdrop to altar as well as aisle, bordered by white pillar candles on the ground and clear glass pendant lights handing abovePhoto by Ryan & Alyssa Photography via Ruffled

couple embraces among a waterfall-stylel of strings lined with tiny white paper conesPhoto by Ed Peers via Rock My Wedding

bride and groom in front of multi-piece fabric panel installation with greener and candles in gallery-style settingPhoto by Alixann Loosle Photography via Junebug Weddings

multi-colored strings of triangles hang from ceiling in front of white doorPhoto by Sweet Root Village via Style Me Pretty

Fabulous Florals

bride and groom stand in front of large circle frame filled with greenery on top and white flowers on bottomPhoto by Elena Pavlova Photo

bride in bright pink and green sari sits in front of sculpturally woven wall of marigoldsPhoto by Ross Harvey via Eventures

bride and groom in front of white wall, grey pillars, and large wreath of greenery, adorned on one side with red, pink, and white flowers, sitting on the ground Photo by Jessica Manns Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

chuppah trimmed with lush greenery and pink and white flowers in a garden in front of a fountainPhoto by John Benevente via Nouba

smiling bride holding large bouquet of cascading bougainvillea stands in front of a white triangle collage adorned with pink flowers, in front of a lake or pool in a tropical settingPhoto by The Melideos via Ruffled

bride stands in front of a square frame lined on one corner with purple flowers, with two vases of purple flowers in the opposite corner, in front of a cement wallPhoto by Nuria Cienfuegos via Green Wedding Shoes

Hearts On Hearts On Hearts

Ombre heart baloon sculpture hanging on white wall with cutout red and pink hearts scattered on the ground belowPhoto via Oh Happy Day

bride and groom stand in front of heart made of a flower collage, with an arrow through itPhoto via Wedding Forward

bride and groom stand in front of game-show style heart frame bordered in lights with sparkly red waterfall curtain filling Photo by Joanna Brown via Green Wedding Shoes

neon-style pink heart inside tropical leaf framePhoto via Tin Can Studios

APW Wedding Backdrop Tutorials

two women in wedding finery embrace amid confetti in front of geometric painted backdropPhoto by Allison Andres via A Practical Wedding

guests seated at high-ceilinged wooden wedding venue, with colorful flagging tape scalloped along ceilingPhoto by We Are For Each Other via A Practical Wedding

two women in wedding finery kiss amid confetti in front of dimensional honeycombed style geometric backdropPhoto by Allison Andres via A Practical Wedding

two women in wedding finery embrace amid fluffy white clouds in front of industrial style cement wallPhoto by Allison Andres via A Practical Wedding

Did you make a wedding backdrop? If so share pictures! Any backdrops you’re drooling over right now?

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