A Practical Wedding: Creative Solutions for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration

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Keene’s wedding planning guide is a fresh, sane voice in a field of guides pushing big budget weddings. Required reading for all newly engaged couples. —Library Journal

Keene offers couples of all faiths, ages, budgets and sexual orientation a wise and well-written hands-on guide for navigating the complexities of etiquette and cultural expectation. (Five Stars) —Portland Book Review

Expect a big-hearted, broad-minded, super-smart low-down on the indispensable practicalities of getting married. Keene helps readers define expectations (your own and others’, as well as those of popular culture at large) and craft an individualized plan to achieve the authentic ones. Keene outlines options for how to prioritize, hack just about anything, shop smart and ask for help, and brings in pithy insights from experienced brides. Book Page (Top Pick, Lifestyles)

It’s like having a very cool older sister who went through all this already to help guide you on what is and what isn’t important. It doesn’t look down on weddings in general, and it doesn’t discount expensive weddings but also helps you create a rocking smaller affair. The book is written with humor, grace and perspective and never stops feeling like she is talking right to you. If you or someone you know is getting married soon I cannot tell you enough how much you need this book. And get one for the moms involved too. And the bridesmaids. Oh heck, let’s just say all of the wedding party and everybody attending should read it too. Not Martha

Why I Wrote The Book!

So you’re planning a wedding! And you’re really glad you found this blog because it reflects your values, and because it comes complete with a whole community of people to help hold your hand through the process. Hurrah! Confetti! But the thing about blogs is, while we can provide you with a ton of up-to-the-moment resources: Sane VendorsReader Approved VenuesHow-To ProjectsReal Weddings, and Advice, blogs are just not set up to guide you through planning a wedding from beginning to end. Books do that. And, unfortunately for me, when I was getting married most of the wedding books were totally insane.

So I wrote a wedding book. A useful, sane, no-nonsense wedding book. One you can use as your bible for planning, give to your mom to calm her down, and give to your girlfriends when they get engaged. It walks you through finding a venue and figuring out your relationship with tradition. It shares real wedding budgets, important questions you should ask before you get hitched, and actual wedding history (and it separates true tradition from the tradition being sold to you). It’s a guide for how to actually plan the thing (with spreadsheets) and how to be in the moment the day of. It even addresses the hard stuff, and it discusses the rest of your lives (because that’s the whole point).

The blog is nice. I even think the blog is pretty damn great. But if you’re planning a wedding, any kind of wedding, you really should get the book. No joke.

And! You can read all about the writing and creating of the APW book right here… (do it!)

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