Sponsor Introduction: Patrick Pike Photography, Specalizing in Elopements

Today’s post is about one of our brand new sponsors: Patrick Pike Photography. Patrick is based in Yosemite CA, has been shooting weddings for a long time, and takes exquisite pictures. But none of that is why I’m writing this post. I’m writing this post for a far cooler reason….. Patrick specializes in honest to God elopements, and he LOVES it (and I love it).

The story goes like this – because Patrick is located in Yosemite he kept getting asked if he would shoot elopements, because Yosemite is beautiful and semi-remote in a reachable way, and romantic, and people are always eloping there. Well, as time went on he realized he loved shooting elopements.

I had a chat with Patrick on the phone before he came on as a sponsor (and I like him y’all), and he described elopements as, “every single thing I love about my job, with none of the annoying bits.*” He gets to be in on a pure hit of wedding joy, he gets to photograph intimate ceremonies and transformational moments, he got to wander around with a couple – all blissed out – and take arty pictures of them.

I mean, seriously, how do I make that MY job?

So because he loves elopements so much, he does them at a steep discount to his regular rate. When he told me that, I guessed a number in my head, calculating in the fact that he was a super experience and talented photographer, and really how good is it gonna get? And then he told me the real number and my jaw literally dropped.

So, because he adores elopements, his prices start at $1,200. The deal is that they need to be on a weekday unless they are booked less than six weeks in advance, they can include whatever crazy joyful madness and joyful people you want to include, and you get him for 3-4 hours. They drive all over California, and best, they are used to the idea that elopements are last minute things, and are used to getting those, “I’m getting married next WEEK and I’m so excited, and can you shoot my wedding at Tuesday at 3?” Not only are they used to it, they get excited about it. And that’s awesome.

The other thing that I want to tell you about Patrick, other than I like him, and I get him, and I think he really gets you guys and loves what’s going on here. The other thing? Is that he loves his job. Talking to him it was so clear to me how much he adored shooting elopements, and I am in awe of that. I think there is nothing better than hiring artists work your wedding to love what they are doing and are totally vibing off you guys and what YOU’RE doing.

Oh, and there is this one other thing – Patrick Pike Photography found out about APW through a Team Practical couple (of course).

So go play around on the super cool Patrick Pike Photography website, and then send me pictures of your elopement, yes? We are seriously lacking in the elopement department at APW.

*I’m sure he said something much kinder than annoying bits, but I’m sort of translating here, because you know… weddings DO have annoying bits.

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  • Alyssa


  • Courtney

    I love Patrick’s website. The layout is really refreshing. Wonderful photography.

  • These photos are beautiful, and are making me want to dash off to Yosemite for an elopement! Such beautiful art.

  • JoLynn


  • Olivia

    This is awesome! If we weren’t having the wedding we’re having, we’d be eloping in Yosemite.

    And this is so bang-on: “I think there is nothing better than hiring artists work your wedding to love what they are doing and are totally vibing off you guys and what YOU’RE doing.”

    We found a few photographers who were “oh, yeah, sure, I can do that.” and then found one who was pumped about what we’re doing, and is flying across the country because he’s excited for the opportunity to shoot where we’ll be. Kinda awesome.

    • Olivia I know what you mean! After being a part of so many weddings, if I had to do it all over again, I would probably elope or just have a very small wedding. But that’s just me:) That’s great that you found the photographer that fits you ~ having a connection is one of the most important things!

      • Olivia

        Thanks! We’re having a tiny wedding in a different national park, so pretty close. I’m in Yosemite a fair bit, so now I’ll keep my eye out for elopements with happy photographers.

  • Love, love, love this! I so wanted an elopement. We even looked at Yosemite. Sigh. But there are kids and other people involved, so no can do.

    But. I. Love. This.

  • Thanks for sharing the love everyone! I’m excited to be a part of this site – this is an AMAZING resource!

  • Melissa

    I’m so excited. I’m eloping in Yosemite (all the way in September) and Patrick is our photographer. I’m stumbled across him online late last year and I can’t wait!

    • meg

      Aw, see! You are the reason he’s a sponsor now, which means you’re helping APW exist AND helping other people find Patrick. Now don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy?

      • Melissa

        I will send elopement pictures post honeymoon. :)

  • Ok, I am engaged, and now I want to elope :-) I just found your website and love it! Great ideas for planning the wedding…in a practical way. Thanks!

  • How awesome and fun is this picture? I love it!

  • Paige M.

    Umm…this makes my heart happy. The fiance LOVES Yosemite, that is why he moved to Fresno from the LA area. This really makes me want to get married there, eloping or otherwise. In fact, I looked up the cost of the chapel right now, and the price seemed reasonable to rent the chapel (with bringing our own minister), and I’m thinking of having a hot dog/hamburger cookout at a campsite for a reception, making a bunting and using that as decoration. Haven’t run it past him yet (or the parents/in-laws since they’re helping pay for things), but this is making me even more excited to get married! ;)

    • Way cool Paige! I love the campsite reception idea, this really feats in with everything that Yosemite is all about. Also, depending on the size of your wedding there are lots of outdoor place to have the ceremony (think glacier point). Let me know if you need any help with weddings Yosemite side.

  • Moz

    I saw his ad on the sidebar a few days ago and loved that he has ‘elopements’ as a selling point. His site is great!

  • Elizabeth

    These pictures planted a little seed that grew much much bigger after talking to my fiance.

    This isn’t the wedding we’re having; that’s going to be in PA with our family and friends around us; no elopements here. I’m really excited about that part.

    But oh boy; the honeymoon! We know we’re moving after he’s through with law school, meaning I’ll quit my job and will have a window in the transition to do a truly memorable trip. (2 weeks of vacation while employed doesn’t give much time to do ANYTHING except maybe attend the wedding itself). After we have the house packed up and leave the cats with his mom, he and I will set out for 6 weeks of driving through the American West. After, we’ll unpack into our new house and get back to our very sensible jobs, but for a while there it’ll just be me and him visiting these beautiful sites, with no timeline and no schedule to keep. I can’t wait.

  • Sarah Beth

    These pictures are stunning. It makes me wish we lived in California! But I haven’t been successful in convincing my guy to elope so far, not even in Georgia, so I guess I’ll just day dream! haha! Beautiful work!

  • april

    Oh, WOW! BIG LOVE!!! And the photos remind me of why I love California sooo much. Pretty, pretty.

  • Ky

    All can say is: brides: if you want to elope but are afraid of what the family might think, but you know in your heart that’s what you want? GO FOR IT. And, consider Yosemite and the super talented Patrick. Looooove these pics.

  • LOOOOOVE your photography! I’m a Yosemite area local and its interesting to look at my “backyard” through your lens. I considered eloping in Yosemite, but have just decided to take some engagement photos up there when spring is full on in the valley. We’re having our wedding on my family’s ranch here in Mariposa County instead. If I didn’t already have a photographer (Luke Smith- Lone Pine Photography) coming in from Georgia to do my wedding, I’d definitely consider booking you. Love your photos!

  • Dear Patrick Pike, You’re photos are lovely and amazing. Sincerely Lauren Mc.

    • Dear Lauren,
      You’re gracious and kind with your words!

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  • Erica

    As a minister, I love performing elopement ceremonies for all these reasons. I love big, invited everyone you know weddings, too, honestly. But just me and the couple weddings are so intimate and beautiful and distilled, and I love them.