Theresa & Clark- A Sneak Peek

I get sort of freakishly excited when I get pictures from your weddings that were taken by a APW sponsor, and even more excited when you get all gushy about how great they were. I’m secretly a little bit of a matchmaker, and since most of you are already engaged, the best I can do is match you up with some amazing wedding elves. Anyway. So. I have permission to share a picture or two from Theresa & Clark’s wedding at Mills College (what’s with all the Mills ladies and this blog? OK, with all the woman’s college ladies and this blog?) taken by Gabriel Harber. (Gabriel Harber who I have known since I was 18 years old, which still sort of confuses my head with the blog/ real world convergence). Anyway, Theresa wants you to know he’s rad, and I concur.PS if you are reading this, oh-team-practical-member who’s wedding Gabriel shot at the courthouse, you need to email me lady. Seerrriiiiooouussssllllyyyyy..

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  • Ellie

    I feel the same way about anything I refer people to – one of our readers told me she found her venue through our blog and I got crazy-ridiculously excited. I think being a bit of a matchmaker comes from liking other people and wanting to see them happy, and finding them the perfect vendor is a great way to do that!

  • Hi Meg! I'm another Millsie saying thanks for the great blog!

  • Meg

    Are *all* of you Mills ladies in the house? (looks around suspiciously…)

  • …I didn't even go to Mills, went to Humboldt State, but love the beauty of the Mills campus!

  • Well, as a woman's college graduate (Mount Holyoke) and a reader of this blog, I'll tell you that it's because we are practical, savvy, women who don't take shit from anyone. So we want a wedding, we want a marriage, we want a great party, we want it to be fiscally sane, and we know we can do it. And you write about that. BEAUTIFULLY. And we're well-educated women who love the written word. So, naturally, your blog is perfect for us.

    Just sayin'. In case that was a real question. :D

    • Megan

      Wellesley representing! Yay for women’s colleges :)

  • Does your matchmaking skills extend to Houston? I'm one of the few single girls reading the blog with no prejudice of a budget or stress, but I'm just here to enjoy the stories and cry a little. Thanks for all of your hard work!