Announcing APW Changes!

by Meg Keene, CEO & Editor-In-Chief

A month ago, I finished writing my book. And, as long time readers know, I…um…live in a state of constant motion. So, any sane person would have taken a break and taken some naps, but not I. Noooo…I was so excited to be working full time on the blog and only the blog for the first time ever that I spent the month trying to make every change to the site that I’d wanted to make in the last three years.

I know y’all. Overkill. But today I’m pretty excited to finally announce all those changes.

The Sidebar

For a while now I’ve been trying to figure out a way to highlight past posts that I particularly love, without having a big header that flashes information at you (After my hatred of auto-play music on websites, my #2 hatred is things that flash at me while I’m trying to read). So after lots of pondering, we came up with our new sidebar:

Pretty, right? It highlights stuff we think is extra awesome, like The Great Wedding Dress Hack, The Wedding in 73 Seconds, At Home Weddings, and even My Wedding (which I realized had become buried in the archives). Also, it’s pretty.

The About Section

APW has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year, and one little about page wasn’t covering it anymore. So! We now have a general About page, with the story of how I started APW, my bio, and a sum up of the philosophy of the site (with lots of links). We’ve also got a staff page and a really shiny press page. But better than all that is probably our (in classic APW style) long rambling FAQ page.

Assistant Editor Lauren says that FAQ pages are one of her favorite things on blogs because she thinks they are hidden gems, so I did my best to honor her FAQ love. It includes answers to questions you might have wondered about, along with chatter about stuff you never thought to ask. You should go read it now.

Submission & Contact Forms

In the past six months, we’ve totally out grown our old catch-as-catch-can submission process. A month or so ago, when Lauren told me that she was getting about 150 emails a day across the various email accounts she was monitoring for APW, I knew something had to change. So we’re really excited by our fancy new forms. You can use the contact form just to drop us a line. You can read a detailed outline of how APW submissions work here, you can submit wedding grads and vintage weddings here, and you can submit lots of other kinds of posts here.

Now, when you submit something, it will immediately go to the right person, and contain all the information we need. We’ll sleep more, your submissions will look shinier on the blog, and SHINY WEB FORMS, YAY!

That’s It…For Now. ..

So go, poke around. We might have one or two more surprises up our sleeves, but we can’t really spill all our secrets at once, can we? That would be no fun at all.


Meg , The APW Team, and the amazing Super Runaway

Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. She has written two best selling wedding books: A Practical Wedding and A Practical Wedding Planner. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit #NASTY

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  • Yay FAQ! I’ve got to agree with Lauren, they’re often the best sections of websites. The questions that authors choose to highlight are so revealing…

    Re: the new submission forms, does this mean that anything submitted via email a while ago is now lost, or will you guys use it until the new process has been phased in?

    • meg

      No, of course old emails are not lost! The submission forms go to the exact same email accounts, it’s just now a much more organized system.

  • I love it already!

    Especially the clear submission guidelines make me happy, and I love being able to read the higlights that you chose.

    Also: FAQs <3

  • sometimes, when blogs change, it’s weird. it’s hard to get used to, and i have to talk myself into liking it. that’s never been the case here. yay APW! i’m loving all these shiny new things already!

    ps. you definitely ARE fancy, meg.

  • okay I tried signing up for that darn gravatar thing. let’s see if it works

    • I fail at technology!

      • I don’t fail at technology! hooray! now you can tell me apart from all the other Laurens.

        • meg


    • Caroline

      How do you do that? I want one :)

      • Go to & sign up using the email address you use to comment. Then just make sure you keep using that address when you comment (and CHANGE ADDRESSES if you want to go anon for a day, since the icon will always show up when you use the original email address, even if your name is changed to “Anon for this”). It works on other sites, too. :)

      • meg

        NO ONE CAN EVER ASK THIS EVER AGAIN… because it’s in the frequently asked questions (FAQ)!! Though Kahlia was very nice and answered it ;)

        • Caroline

          Sorry! I read them I promise, I just missed it.

        • That said, I appreciate the emphasis on changing the email address to go anonymous — it’s so easy to miss that, and you change “YOUR NAME” but that dang picture just keeps showing up!

          I am lovin’ me some APW updates. <3

  • I love it! Especially the FAQ :)

  • AH

    It looks great. Are you planning on adding a tab or section for the new Wordless Weddings features? I’m not sure how to find them easily!

    • I like this idea. But I LOVE the new design. Read through the whole FAQ section, awesome!

    • meg

      Yup. They’re in the sidebar as a featured post, but at some point soon I’ll do more of a content re-organization.

  • Jen M

    love all over this

  • Looks awesome!

  • Roadrunner

    Just a heads up, the new sidebar isn’t rendering correctly for me. The subscribe and follow icons aren’t there, the pretty purple behind the book photo isn’t there, the fonts are wrong, and a few other things. I’m happy to take a screen shot and send it to someone, if that would help. I’m using Chrome 10.0.648.205 and Windows XP.

    Edit: never mind, it just showed up! Looks great!

    • meg

      Yup, that was probably a Cache issue :) Always takes awhile for everything to show up properly for everyone.

  • Kristin in OR

    Love the FAQ page! Great job Meg! I’d love to see engagement sessions highlighted on the blog or letting readers submit their engagement sesh photos sometime in the future. The e-sesh inspiration would be wonderful for anyone trying to figure out what to do for theirs ( I know I should’ve mentioned this in the survey a couple months back; fail). :)

    • meg

      Nope! We don’t do engagement sessions, never have never will. Why? I’m on the record as saying it’s one of those wedding things you don’t need to do (unless you just want to get to know your photographer… that’s a good reason!) But not to worry, tons of other blogs cover that stuff.

      • Kristin in OR

        Good point! It was surprisingly hard to find inspiration for our e-sesh on other blogs and online as a lot of them are very mainstream and trendy and that’s not at all what we wanted for ours. But I definitely understand your point. :)

  • Sarah :: Jackson Riley

    Do you know what is obvious to me reading this post? That you really, really (and I mean, really) love/care about/are passionate about your job.

    That’s pretty awesome.

    • meg

      Awwwww…… thank you for this! We all did near kill ourselves over this little project (Ok. It seems really little now that it’s done, but whoa was it more work than we expected), so this comment is extra appreciated.

  • katieprue

    Lovin’ the changes! Nicely done. This:
    (After my hatred of auto-play music on websites, my #2 hatred is things that flash at me while I’m trying to read).
    YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES alllll day long. I could not agree with you more!

    • katieprue

      PS Thanks for the Gravatar info in the FAQs (It WORKED!) I probably could have figured it out on my own, but that’s not what lazy girls do.

      • meg

        That’s NOT what lazy girls do. (Somewhere, Maddie was overwhelmed with a feeling of pride).


  • Yes on FAQs!

    That is so true – I’m always really disappointed when they’re ‘under construction’ or missing or, frankly, incomplete.

  • marbella

    Love the FAQ page!
    Meg, hope you won’t mind this plug, but there is a photo contest ending today that I’d love a card carrying team practical member to win. Adria ran the photobooth at our wedding after volunteering her services via APW, and she and Avi are consistently about 30 votes behind in this contest. I hope team practical can help her win! You need to ‘like’ the mariott page, then ‘like’ ‘Andria and Avi’ – their pic is them being super cute at the washington monument.

  • Fantastic!

  • Jo

    <3! I peeped around and adore it all. Nicely done!

    • I missed the second letter p in your comment the first read through. Had to do a double take and read it again. ;)

  • All these changes are amazing! I love how thoughtfully you guys implement new stuff into the site. :)

    (Also, 150 emails per day for Lauren? Holy sh*t! The woman is planning a wedding too!)

  • Anne

    Excellent! I’m just starting to plan my wedding, and while I thought APW was pretty easy to navigate before, I love the changes (and I completely agree that FAQs are the best).

  • Those FAQs are seriously fancy.

  • Katrina

    Love the changes, looks great!

    One suggestion for sometime in the future.. it would be really nice to have a mobile version of APW that’s optimized for smart phones. For when I’m trying to sneak peeks at my cell phone under the table during boring work meetings! :)

    • meg

      Ha! It’s on the list of stuff I’m thinking about, it’s just a budget issue… I have to decide when it’s worth it to actually pay for it.

      • marbella

        maybe to celebrate when your books gets on the NYT best seller list? :)

  • Now I’m trying to come up with excuses to use those contact/submission forms. Not to add to Lauren’s workload, but they’re just so shiny and new and prettyyyyy!

  • Now I want a FAQ on my site! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ;) People would have to ask me questions frequently first though.

    • meg

      Hum. I still think you should do it.

  • Caroline

    One more question, but this is really just a chance to redeem myself with a Gravatar.

    Could a postal address (PO Box, whatevs) be included in the FAQs or the contact page? If it is there, I couldn’t find it, and I like making care packages, and have access to lovely Irish whiskey.

    • can we all give you our addresses??? ;)

    • meg

      Oh, good catch! That was supposed to be in there anyway. Fixed and updated. It’s on the contact page.

  • Sarah

    Another comment of love for the FAQs! Especially the last one- do people really frequently ask if you think you’re fancy? ;)

  • Jamaica Rose

    The fancy new submission forms are pretty sexy design-wise. Just sayin’.