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Welcome to December

Hey APW,

Happy first week of holiday madness! Or so it feels over here. Our family had a great Thanksgiving trip to visit family in LA, and our oldest had a magical seventh birthday on Alcatraz. And now, somehow the holiday madness is upon us. Here at APW, December is a short month for us at work, but we always make up for it by trying to take on huge projects while things are quiet. This month is no exception.

Our Vendor Incubator 2.0 Is Here

We’re rolling out round two of The L.O.V.E. Club (that’s League of Vendors Extraordinaire), which is our newly minted incubator for the wedding vendor stars of tomorrow. The APW team knows what it’s like to be looking for amazing vendors while sticking to a budget, and we know a whole lot about being wedding pros trying to reach the right couples. Passing on our experiences from both sides of the equation is what we’ve been best at since the inception of our vendor program almost a decade ago, so this fall we decided to do just that in an official capacity. We pulled all our collective knowledge together in a program filled with masterclasses with industry experts, coaching, and advertising. (Plus some very cool keychains to show that you’re in the club.)

Our mission with The L.O.V.E. Club is to help small wedding businesses who are starting out and leveling up and to connect you guys with womxn/Queer/POC-owned rock star vendors like these. So if this sounds like something you or a small business owner in your life wants in on, click here for all the info and to apply. And if you’re the one hiring wedding vendors in 2020—stay tuned to this space for our personal picks. We’ll be closing this round of applications on Wednesday December 18th, and we’re capping it to just 16 businesses, so get on that application right now.

Plus: We got you All an early holiday gift

The team at Ours (our favorite eduction and action platform for couples), has agreed to answer your burning relationship and financial questions. Like, you get to go just drop your biggest questions over on this post, and the professionals (divorce attorneys and more) will get you some answers before we head out for the holiday break. Alyssa spilled her guts and listed some of her biggest questions in the post, it’s your turn now. We can’t wait to learn all we can from the kick-ass ladies of Ours. (Also, seriously, if you haven’t gotten the chance to take their totally free diagnostic quiz… run, don’t walk.)

And with that, here is your open thread!


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