The (Actual Best) Holiday Photo Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Think outside the frame

As the fall wedding season wraps up and the holidays approach, you may find yourself facing two seemingly separate problems. One is a happy problem to have: you received so many beautiful wedding photos from your photographer that you don’t know what to do with them! You can only find so many excuses to post wedding photos on Instagram.

This leads us to the second problem: figuring out what to give people this holiday season. Luckily, the first problem solves the second. Use those amazing photos you paid for to make tangible memories (and gifts!) for your loved ones. Anyone can order a cheap picture frame off of Amazon, but there are so many brands making high-quality yet affordable photo products there’s no reason you can’t impress your in-laws this holiday season.

The good news is we already did most of the legwork for you. We’ve rounded up some of the best photo gift offerings that will allow you to share your favorite memories of the past year with your loved ones—not in the “tagged on Facebook” way, but in the old-fashioned, gift-wrapped, look-at-it-every-day-and-smile way.

A set of gold cup coasters

Amazon Retro Gold Photo Coasters

Give your favorite photos an air of vintage romance when you insert them into these gold Polaroid-style coasters. You can switch it up as often as you’d like, and this is a fun place to use black and white photos to maintain that sophisticated retro vibe. 

A personalized set of memory game cards

Pinhole Press Memory Game (starting at $19.99)

If you have little ones on your gift list, this personalized memory game is a great way to connect with them and relive special memories together (especially if, say, they acted as your flower kid or were a part of your wedding in some way).

Custom cell phone case examples

Amazon Custom Photo Phone Case ($15.95)

Nothing quite says “I love you” like carrying a cherished memory with you all day, so choose something you know will make them smile.

A person holds up a photo of other people.

Minted ‘You Me We’ Foil-Pressed Photo (starting at $64.50)

Sometimes all your loved one really wants is a nice print of that photo of the two of you to hang up in their home. Once you choose from a variety of foil designs created by independent artists, you can customize the foil color and the print size. You also have the option of framing it so all your recipient has to do is put it on the wall.

Photo stickers

Social Print Studio Stickers (24 stickers for $14)

PHOTO STICKERS: Who doesn’t love stickers? Social Print Studio describes these personalized stickers as “stickers for grown-ups” but we feel fairly confident that this is a crowd-pleaser for all ages. You’ll definitely want to order some for yourself—think of how you could use them to punch up your wedding thank-you notes. 

A calendar card of a wedding couple

Artifact Uprising Walnut Desktop Photo Calendar (starting at $30)

WALNUT DESKTOP PHOTO CALENDAR: Designed for equal parts beauty and usefulness (and thus satisfying that William Morris dictum), this desktop calendar allows you to select twelve of your favorite photos to enjoy throughout the year. The reclaimed walnut wood and brass-coated clip frame your memories with minimalist elegance—plus, you have the option to upgrade to gold foil lettering.

A woman holds up a large print.

Parabo Press Engineer Print ($60 with rails, $30 without)

Parabo Press had the genius idea to print your photos on paper usually reserved for architectural plans, which means these prints are not only huge but they’re also extremely lightweight and easy to hang. You can make a bold statement with one favorite photo or break up the space with one of their grid designs. We highly recommend opting for the wood rails to create a finished look, as well as to make hanging easier. 

A photo block of a woman hold a child.

MyPhoto Acrylic Block (starting at $35)

These sleek acrylic photo blocks are a great way to share cherished memories with the minimalist in your life who has no need for attention-grabbing frames or cluttered walls. The blocks are available in five sizes and also come in a teeny-tiny 2”x2” size for $12, which is ideal for small spaces (not to mention just about the cutest thing ever).

Color cover photo books.

Artifact Uprising Color Series Photo Book (starting at $20)

When you’re holding onto so many beautiful photos from your wedding (or recent vacation to Spain or family summer road trip) it feels like a crime to let them sit unseen in a digital folder somewhere. Instantly bring tears to everyone’s eyes this holiday season by giving them the option to reminisce while physically flipping through the photos of that special time with you.

Candles with personalized photos on them.

Shutterfly Photo Gallery Candle (on sale for $20)

Scent is strongly linked with memory, so why not add a double dose of nostalgia to your gifts this holiday season with this scented candle that can be personalized with a special photo. Shutterfly offers a huge variety of designs as well as three candle scents: ocean breeze, grapefruit blossom, and fireside spice. An unscented candle is also available for those who are sensitive to fragrance. 

Minted Editorial Planner Notebook (starting at $16) 

Ideal for the go-getter who likes to stay organized, this personalized notebook is sure to remain a treasured keepsake long after the pages are filled and the to-do lists are checked off. Minted allows you to choose from a classic journal, an address book, a monthly planner, or a weekly planner before customizing the cover with your photos. 

Magnet stockers with photos on them.

Shutterfly String Light Wooden Magnet Set (on sale for $12)

Ahh, the limited but highly coveted space of the fridge door. When you’re competing with all those Save the Dates, wedding invitations, baby announcements, and holiday cards, how are you supposed to ensure your face gets top billing? By gifting your friends and family what every fridge could use more of: magnets. 

Clear floating frames with photos in them.

Artifact Uprising Floating Frame (starting at $79)

You won’t need to worry about your gift clashing with your loved one’s decor when you present your photo print in this clear floating frame. Minimalist bolt accents—in your choice of matte black or brass—are the only embellishment needed to set off your special moment. This frame is available in ten sizes.

A woman holds up a metal print.

Social Print Studio Metal Print (starting at $12)

Why print your photo on metal? Social Print Studio offers several compelling reasons: the high-gloss aluminum enhances color and shine, the prints are both waterproof and scratch-proof, and it makes a bold contemporary style statement. You can enjoy customizing your print with your choice of size, shape, or even by turning it into a mosaic. 

A leather plate with a photo embedded in the bottom.

Snapfish Leather Valet Tray ($29.99)

We all know and love someone who is constantly misplacing their jewelry, their keys, their Tile key finder, etc. Make it easier for them to keep things in one place with this sophisticated leather valet tray that includes a photo that’ll make them smile every time they put their keys in the correct spot.

A holiday ornament with a photo inside.

Shutterfly Glitter Ornament (on sale for $15.00)

You’ve come a long way from your days of gifting DIY ornaments crafted from popsicle sticks and cotton balls (one hopes). Now you can make it up to your loved ones by giving them a keepsake ornament that they’ll actually want to see on their tree. You can choose from Shutterfly’s wide range of personalized ornaments but we particularly like this glass dome ornament filled with gold glitter.

A wall with a collage of printed photos.

Mpix Collagewall Display Kit (starting at $77)

Everyone wants to have a gallery wall but nobody really wants to do all the work of figuring out what goes where. Give the ultimate gift of laziness to your family by letting Mpix do all (okay, most of) the work. They’ll send you a kit with everything you need to get your photos grouped in perfect alignment on the wall. Just pick from their helpful arrangement options, select your photos and follow the simple instructions once you receive the kit with your prints and the supplies.

A hanging canvas print with people on rocks at Joshua Tree

Shutterfly Hanging Canvas Print (sale price starting at $25)

Sleek and minimalist with a subtle rustic vibe, this semi-gloss canvas print bordered by wood bars is a no-brainer when it comes to displaying a special photo in a tasteful and timeless way. The twine string makes it easy to hang up and completes the laid-back, “I didn’t DIY this but I totally could have if I wanted to” vibe. 

Still Novel Signature Art Print (starting at $60)

Still Novel does one thing and they do it extremely well: they take the tiny details of that one life-changing moment and turn it into a timeless work of art. In just a few minutes you can have every element of your wedding day—from the special song that played to the moon phase—captured and displayed forever in this framed art print. Give this to your spouse or your newlywed friends to win the gift giver of the year award.

Shutterfly Photo Blanket (on sale for $75)

We’ve already espoused our love for this photo blanket in the past but we promise to never stop including such a masterpiece in our gift guides. The recipient will laugh at first, but just wait. This massive, ultrasoft blanket will soon become a genuine household favorite due to its high-quality construction and pure hilarity.

Do you like giving or receiving photo gifts? What do you think is the best way to gift someone photos? Share in the comments!

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