Wedding Headpieces Have Come A Long Way

Top off your look with one of these epic wedding headpieces

Wedding headpieces have come a long way. A decade ago, the phrase “wedding crown” would have sent any stylish person running for the hills. But these days? Wedding crown says more “Game of Thrones but make it fashion” than “sad royal wannabe”. So if you’re looking for a little extra something-something to take your wedding day outfit to the next level, wedding headpieces are the move of the future. Think Elizabeth Taylor (at any of her weddings, really), Meghan Markle, or Gina Rodriguez. Accessories, particularly those that adorn your head, can really complete an outfit and allow you to create a look that is uniquely, well, you.

And I’m not talking about veils (though we love them and if you’re interested in cool and colorful veils that you can DIY, definitely check out this tutorial). I’m talking about wedding headpieces that add dimension to your outfit along with color, sparkle, and fun—and can, in many cases, be worn in addition to a veil. The right headpiece can elevate your look, embody your style, and make you feel like the goddess you are. So whether you’re a minimalist or prefer a bold look, have vintage flair or bohemian vibes, there’s a wedding headpiece that’s right for you (if you choose to rock one at all).

Fake Flower Wedding HeadpIEces

If Meg’s anniversary and ritual party taught us one thing, it’s that fake flowers can look fabulous, and they can be affordable, too. Using silk flowers as a wedding headpiece allows you to customize the aesthetic to fit whatever season, style, and look works for you. If you want to be colorful and bright, then you can do that! If you wish to have a softer look, well, you can do that too! Plus, you can make the crown yourself if you want to, and you get to keep it forever (and who knows, maybe even wear it again).

A woman wearing a large flower crown smiles at her husband.

Meg’s incredible flower crown from The Rogue Petal Co.

Create your own magical flower crown starting at $40 from The Rogue Petal Co., à la Meg Keene on her ten year anniversary.

A woman wearing a flower crown with peach colored flowers.

Esme peach orchid headband

This handcrafted peach orchid crown gives you that bohemian, floral look in an unexpected shape and stunning color.

A woman wears a pink silk flower crown

Pink silk flower crown

Varying shades of pink ranunculus, modern greenery, and a spray of berries? Why yes, that is just what I needed, thankyouverymuch.

A burnt orange flower headpiece

Burnt orange headpiece

These blooms are a smaller size with plenty of greenery, for a more subtle, rustic, organic vibe. Plus, the warm palette is ideal for a fall wedding.

A navy blue flower headband

Navy blue headband

This blue and silver headband with metal roses is subtle and easy to wear, in a bright shade of cobalt that makes the perfect “something blue,” if that’s your jam.

Orange rose flower crown

Orange rose flower crown

When we say #GoBigorGoReallyBig, we mean it and we are talking about this bodacious beauty right here. For a super bold, super fun look, this bright and voluminous orange rose crown is the move.

Headbands and Halos

If fake flowers aren’t your thing, then maybe a bit of sparkle and shine (and let’s be real—drama) is what you’re looking for. Headbands and halos are an incredibly popular option for brides who aren’t into veils but still want to sport something bold on on their wedding day. There’s a range of options, from whimsical, ethereal styles to full-on inspiration from Game of Thrones.

Halo sunburst flower crown.

Silver or gold sunburst halo crown

This halo crown is available in either silver or gold, and is everything we want from a headpiece: unusual, dramatic, and just plain stunning. And yes, it is indeed made with zip ties.

crystal red leaf hair vine

Crystal red leaf hair vine

This vine wraps around your head, creating a simple and elegant pop of red.

Brienne quartz crown

Brienne quartz crown

We promised headpieces worthy of Game of Thrones, and here it is: the fantasy raw crystal crown of your dreams. It’s available in silver, gold, or antique bronze and if you wear it, please send us the photos.

crossed crystal headband

Crossed crystal headband with organza ties

The modern, clean lines on this wedding headpiece make it perfect for a variety of styles, including the minimalists among us who also want to enjoy some bling.

brown reverse halo

Bowen reverse halo

Speaking of minimalism, this reverse halo adds subtle sparkle to any hairstyle, and definitely tops the list for wear-it-again potential.

An elegant pink floral headband

Elegant pink floral headband

This wedding headpiece combines the elegance of the wire vine style, but has the charming addition of extra floral texture—all with a fun pink palette.

Large pearl headband

Rafaella pearl headband

Oversized headbands are so hot right now, and this pearl one is somehow both chic and edgy—and totally on trend.

Vintage Style Wedding HEadpieces

There’s nothing like donning a classic tiny hat. It’s a bold and playful statement that gives a breath of Old Hollywood glamour. Don’t believe me? Then just check out this APW bride from Canada and the way her adorable hat takes her whole vintage look to the next level. Hats, birdcages, and other retro styles are perfect for the funky bride who isn’t afraid to be fashion-forward and wear something out of the ordinary. Plus, you can find actual vintage pieces locally or on websites like Etsy and eBay.

Feather flower fascinator

Feather flower fascinator

This adorable blush pink flower and feather clip can be placed anywhere in your hairstyle, making it versatile and easy to combine with a variety of styles or the addition of a veil.

Pillbox hat with birdcage

1950s vintage ivory pillbox hat with birdcage veil

This pillbox hat with a truly adorable polka-dot birdcage veil is a classic vintage look, complete with velvet bows and the perfect shape.

Wedding lace headband

Romantic wedding lace fascinator headband

A lacy fascinator that attaches to the head with a headband, this piece is crafted with hand-cut lace and veiling and is really just oh-so-romantic.

Wool pillbox vintage hat

Wool pillbox vintage-style hat

A soft wool hat in the most fabulous shade of bright red brings both a pop of color and timeless style to any look.

Birdcage veil nest hat

Laurelia birdcage veil perch hat

This elegant straw hat takes all the timelessness of vintage style and crafts it into a modern, sleek shape, complete with a birdcage veil.

Royal Glamour

If you’re all about getting dressed up, shining bright like a diamond, and want some serious head jewelry, a tiara might be the perfect accessory for you. You’ll be living your wildest fairytale princess bride dreams if you wear any of these royal accessories—and really, now’s the time, so do it up.

Kanchana gold and quartz crown

This crown from amazing headpiece maker Amaroq takes wedding crowns to the next level—the designer has done work for Cher, after all. This particular one features five tiers of Brazilian natural quartz, golden embellishments from Mumbai, a leather lining to keep it all comfortable, and all the DAMN that thing is amazing, head-turning, big crown energy you need on your wedding day. And every day.

Light pink crystal crown

Light pink crystal crown

A pink crystal tiara that takes that sweet, ethereal vine style and cranks them up to extra—in the best possible way.

Jeweled and gold tiara.

Twigs & Honey Ginerva Tiara

A wedding headpiece with all the royal vibes and over-the-top details you crave—plus it would look fabulous with or without a veil.

Deco leaf crystal tiara

Deco leaf crystal tiara

The stunning Art Deco-inspired leaf pattern on this tiara is rendered in loops of sparkling crystals, and it’s sure to take your look to the next level.

bridal gold headdress wedding headpiece

Bridal gold headdress

The over-the-top crown shape of this wedding headpiece is crafted with delicate gold wiring and modern glass beads, for a contemporary, edgy style balanced with timeless verve.

Rainbow quartz crown

Rainbow raw quartz mermaid crown

We’re utterly obsessed with the unusual colors of this raw quartz beaded crown, shot through with glass beads and colored wire.

Other Hair Adornments

There are just so many things that you can add to your hair and your head, frankly, it’s hard to categorize them all. We’ve also collected some more customizable styles that can be worn a variety of ways and found in a range of colors and aesthetics, to fit your personal vision for your wedding day.

emerald green crystal hair clip wedding headpiece

Emerald green crystal hair vine clip

This crystal clip’s simple shape means you can style it however you want: along the side or back of your head, integrated into your hairstyle, or in any other way you desire. The options are truly endless.

Aves black and white feather headdress

Aves black and white feather headdress

A bold fascinator styled with a spray of feathers and sequined details, this piece makes a statement: I’m here, I’m getting effing married, and it’s going to be a blast.

Crystal forehead chain wedding headpiece

Crystal forehead chain

For the Art Deco-loving minimalist, this simple-yet-sparkly beauty is the ideal balance of “heck yeah, it’s my wedding” and elegant restraint.

Extra-long blushing blossom and crystal hair vine

Extra-long blushing blossom and crystal hair vine

These hair vines are a brilliant way to incorporate a floral style into your hair, and this one is equal parts bohemian, whimsical, and dreamy.

Mini crystal starburst bobby pins wedding headpiece

Mini crystal starburst bobby pins

As versatile as can be, these striking bobby pins take any hairstyle to the next level—and they come in sets of three, so feel free to get a few extras, because there’s no such thing as too much sparkle.

Elodie blue floral hair comb

Elodie blue floral hair comb

The perfect blue hair comb is all sweetness with flowers and pearls, all on gold wire and featuring textured details.

What kind of headpiece are you planning on wearing on your wedding day? Is there anything you would add to the list? We love your ideas and photos!

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